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F16 Lightly Damaged After Brakes Fail During Landing - Latest News

Disaster averted as Israeli F-16's brakes fail during landing

The incident occurred while the F-16I was landing following a training flight. After the aircraft had touched down on the runway, its landing brakes failed to activate ... and the plane suffered only ... read more

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dealing With Brake Failure at Trackdays

If “traffic” is the modern cubicle worker’s version of “the dog ate my homework,” then “brake failure ... nothing but damage the rocker panels. The other one was at Autobahn Country Club and we ended ... read more

Canopy fogging caused F-16 runway overrun at Oshkosh

The pilot was landing after taking part in an airshow at Wittman Airport, Oshkosh, Wis., when the ventilation system failed and condensation formed during ... of damage. Being distracted by the ... read more

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Final Report: Failure to go around cited in Beechjet overrun

was substantially damaged during a landing overrun at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. No injuries were reported. The NTSB blamed the captain’s failure to go around. Factors included his ... read more

Air Force Releases Causes Of Recent B-52 And U-2 Crashes

The chute ruptured on deployment and the aircraft's brakes failed after exceeding ... of mishaps and damage across the USAF's fleet, it is not clear if the engines ever sucked in any birds at all as ... read more

F-35 JSF Hit by Serious Design Problems

Due to control problems with right wing flaperons, the JSF has to make that landing at an exceptional high speed of 220 knots (350 km/hr). The plane’s undercarriage, brakes and tires are damaged ... ... read more

F-117A Nighthawk Losses and Accidents

The Class B's include a brake failure on landing roll which caused damage upon barrier engagement, a lost canopy during ... After lowering the gear handle, Maj Juedeman noted that he only had a nose ... read more

Frightening Photos From The Report On The Qantas A380 Incident Show Exactly What Happened

ATSB reported that the crew retracted the landing gear and flaps after a ... fairing were damaged; this explains the many system malfunctions. As noted previously, the autopilot disengaged twice ... read more

Electric scooters are landing a lot of Americans in emergency rooms

After ... during rides. Even when it may "result in injury or death to you or others," as Lime's agreement states. That means if a car hits you, it's your responsibility. You hit a pedestrian? You're ... read more

Accidents: April 2019

Beech 200, Jan. 29, 2019, Kake, Alaska—A Guardian Flight air ambulance en route to pick up a patient crashed into the waters of Frederick Sound after veering off course during an instrument ... after ... read more

Frightening Photos From The Report On The Qantas A380 Incident Show Exactly What Happened

The ATSB’s massive report includes some extraordinary photos of the damage ... during landing. The structure that supported engine No.2 Inboard side of the No. 2 pylon highlighting the deformation and ... read more

American Airlines Jet Skids off Runway in Wyo.

An American Airlines jet went past the end of a snowy runway while landing ... after the plane had come to a stop that the brakes had failed. Ray Bishop, director of the Jackson Hole Airport, said ... read more

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