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Transactional Database

A transactional database is a database management system (DBMS ... of the SQL standard in use today which extend the language and implement an explicit “START TRANSACTION” statement; however, this act... read more

Explicit Transactions

Frequently there are questions relating to transactions posted on various forums and although the questions show a basic misunderstanding of this aspect of SQL Server, sometimes the answers show some ... read more

Examples of Explicit & Implicit Business Transactions

Implicit and explicit business transactions relate to a company's opportunity costs and cash expenditures. A business incurs explicit costs from a variety of sources, including hiring workers and purc... read more

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Monitoring and Troubleshooting Deadlocks With SQL Monitor

Secondly, some of the most common causes of deadlocks include poor database design, lack of indexing, poorly-designed queries, transactionitis (unnecessary or overly-long explicit transactions), and i... read more

Is Venmo's Default Privacy Setting Exposing Users to Harm?

While so-called “opt-out” options may have adverse economic effects on some businesses, the range of potential consequences for users whose online exchanges are made public without their explicit ... ... read more

Ethereum Sharding: Overview and Finality

if we apply cross-shard transactions in phase 2, the normal users will also need to retrieve their deposit information (receipt ID) on VMC. Explicit finality would help for mitigating the uncertainty ... read more

Bitcoin and Ethereum vs Visa and PayPal – Transactions per second

with several miners not indicating explicit support for either of the two proposals. Towards the end of 2016, ETHNews reported that Ethereum had an estimated speed limit of around 20 transactions per ... read more

Four flagship measurements of the GDPR for the economy

Thirdly, information asymmetries undermine the equity and reciprocity in the transaction and create ... The principles of pseudonymization and explicit consent in the GDPR adopt this approach. read more

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Run Will Put Concentrated Wealth On Trial

Likewise, in a populist moment, nothing is less pragmatic than an explicit appeal to pragmatism ... Kirsten Gillibrand has championed a financial transaction tax. Sen. Kamala Harris has endorsed ... read more

'He Was a Sexual Predator' Says Director of New Michael Jackson Doc

To me, that’s where the emotional peak of the film is, even more than the horrible detail of the sexual transactions. It’s in the release ... was important to you that the film include a lot of explic... read more

Establishing Taxpayer Intent – Why It Matters

Depending upon the characterization of the transaction, and the identity of the parties ... The Court acknowledged that there was no explicit reference to the transfer of the IP in the addendum, and t... read more

Franken: Smarmy vs. smart

They contain some typical elements of moral turpitude in the cyber age: sex, divorce and explicit text messages that somehow ... leave the store without checking out. The transaction would be recorded ... read more

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