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Examining Primary Snoring Due To Nasal Obstruction - Latest News

Snoring Control Devices Market – Future Outlook Opportunities 2025

Snoring control devices are used to help people who snore because of nasal obstruction. There are a variety of snoring ... The increasing demand for homecare settings is the primary factor driving the ... read more

Should I be concerned if my child snores?

It occurs when a noise is generated during sleep due ... snoring do not have OSAS. This kind of snoring is called "primary snoring" meaning that the snoring is not related to OSAS. How do I know if my ... read more

Snoring, sleep apnea can kill

FOR years physicians have suspected that snoring is generally associated ... Surgery removes tissues, like nasal polyps, adenoids, tonsils, and any oro-pharyngeal deformities that causes obstruction t... read more

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Chicago Nasal & Sinus is Among First in the Chicago Area to Offer New Option That Improves Nasal Breathing Without Altering Appearance

LATERA implants have been placed in thousands of patients who had difficulty breathing through their nose due to nasal sidewall ... Importance of Septal and Nasal Valvular Surgery in Correcting Airway ... read more

What's With Snoring?

Yes, snoring ... due to blocked nasal passages can be significantly improved or cured. To be certain that the blocked nose is the culprit requires a complete exam of the nose, sinuses, throat, and nec... read more

Sleep deprivation due to snoring partner

Do you often feel that your snoring partner is ruining your relationship? Being deprived of your sleep due to a snoring partner is very ... Avoid smoking and alcohol: Smoking causes obstruction in the ... read more

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery:

Conclusions: Iatrogenic deformities due to surgery and pathologies ignored during primary surgery may cause persistent/recurrent nasal obstruction after primary septoplasty. A detailed physical examin... read more

Deviated Septums

Simply put, the septum is the cartilage wall dividing the nasal cavity into two nostrils. Ideally, the septum is centered so the nostrils are the same size and shape. However, the septum may be deviat... read more

How to manage adenoid enlargement in children

For proper diagnosis, the doctor will examine the back of the throat ... therapy – and/or difficulty in breathing due to enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids. Such obstruction to breathing causes snoring ... read more

The Equine Upper Airway: How It Works and What Goes Wrong

Horses are obligate nasal breathers, meaning air for gas exchange can only pass through their nostrils and upper airway. But, due to the airway’s dynamics ... Many horses tolerate an endoscopic examin... read more

Is snoring a infection of nasal

Snoring creates actual problems when Air can be blocked many ways — your tongue could position itself in the back of the throat, your nose could be congested due to an illness or a deviated septum, or ... read more

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