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Even The Best Cant Beat World Of Warcraft Legions Final Boss - Latest News

World of Warcraft: Legion’s success could carry over to Battle for Azeroth

But you had little room to customize your Garrison, and the new digs also separated you from the rest of the world. Visiting players were infrequent at best. World of Warcraft ... even further. This a... read more

Even The Best Can't Beat World Of Warcraft Legion's Final Boss

With the next expansion for the long-standing MMORPG, World of Warcraft, on the horizon ... they are finding Argus the Unmaker to be a one tough boss. At the time of this article, no one has successfu... read more

What Killed the MMOG?

[The actual document will be preceded in italics by an explanation of what it is, and followed by a brief analysis, also in italics] As a top World of Warcraft player in ... have mostly taken an “if y... read more

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World of Warcraft: 25 Best Story Moments

We even saw Arthas’ younger, Paladin self in the Culling of Stratholme. The buildup to the destruction of the Lich King was undoubtedly one of the best story moments World of Warcraft ... legions of d... read more

The Most Brutal Boss Fights of All Time

And the gauntlet to be the best digital boxer sounded completely do-able at first: Beat down ... boss battles of all time is Absolute Virtue from Final Fantasy XI. There's a lengthy process a group ha... read more

After seven expansions, World of Warcraft’s story never had a chance

Why do serialized stories, even the best ones, tend to fall apart at this point? There are three reasons, all of which can apply to World of Warcraft. First, serialized stories tend to need to escalat... read more

Final Fantasy: Every Main Villain, Ranked Worst To Best

His backstory can’t be related without a free afternoon and the patience of a World of Warcraft lore enthusiast, and even after ... Power: As the ‘final’ boss of the original FFXIV, she’s pretty stron... read more

'World of Warcraft' Remixed Into Work of Pop Art

Any avid gamer — especially those who play World of Warcraft — can recognize a video game by the ... and the overall result is a catchy remixed beat that you could definitely see everyone in WoW break... read more

2011: The Year of Esports

His boss at IGN ... Games' League of Legends, a free-to-play online game that has over 11 million active players -- more than World of Warcraft. Graham said that one flaw of Starcraft fans may be thei... read more

Memories Of My 16-Year Career In Video Games

The show had become rather anemic with only one moment of significance, the announcement of World of Warcraft ... coming in so we can't schedule the edits or secure the editors because we don't know w... read more

10 of the Greatest MMO Raid Bosses of All Time

Both world and instanced bosses make the cut, and some made the list based on their significance in MMO lore and history instead of their mechanical polish. World of Warcraft continues to have some (m... read more

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