Ukraine war live updates: Race to find survivors after deadly Kramatorsk attack; Russia preparing for offensive in Donbas

The race to find survivors of a deadly rocket attack on residential buildings in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine continues into Thursday morning. read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Putin 'will launch new offensive on anniversary of invasion'

Russia's forces in Ukraine are planning to launch a new offensive on February 24 on the one-year anniversary of the invasion, Ukraine's defence minister has warned. © Daily Teleg ... read more

U.S. reportedly readying $2 billion aid package for Ukraine; Kyiv signals reforms ahead of EU summit

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Tuesday that Kyiv is preparing new reforms as it prepares for a summit with top EU officials at the end of the week ... read more

Artyomovsk not in operational encirclement yet — PMC Wagner’ founder

It is also reported that fighting was going on the outskirts of the city in the residential areas that had recently been held by Ukrainian units ... read more

Ukraine war latest: Putin's war is 'dry run for Chinese president' - so give Ukraine weapons now, Boris Johnson urges

The former PM has issued a rallying cry for the West to arm Kyiv to make sure Vladimir Putin loses. On the ground in Ukraine, the Russians are expelling people from their homes on the frontline in ... read more

Ukraine Situation Report: Russia Says It's Relocating Citizens Near Border Due To Attacks

A Russian official told Putin that thousands of residents from border areas were resettled after Ukrainian attacks and more need to be. read more

Russian troops are joining Wagner mercenaries in grinding, high-casualty push for Ukraine's Bakhmut

Russian conventional forces have entered the long, bloody battle for Bakhmut in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region, either replacing or augmenting the Wagner private mercenaries that have been fighting ... read more

Russia's war in Ukraine

Fierce fighting continues in eastern Ukraine, with Moscow and Kyiv battling for control of the city of Bakhmut and other towns in the Donetsk region. Follow for live news updates. read more

Ukraine LIVE: NATO's dire warning over China supporting Russia in 'authoritarian pushback'

China has been making "significant investments" both in Russia and its nuclear weapons programme in a furtive attempt to lead the arms race, according to NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. read more

Ukraine in ‘fierce’ fighting for Vuhledar

Soon, Vuhledar may become a new, very important success for us,” he was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies. Kyiv said the town, which had a pre-invasion population of about 15,000 people, ... read more

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