Royal Mail Releases Queen Elizabeth's Memorial Stamps — See the Photos Approved by King Charles

Like Queen Elizabeth, she loves horses and a great tiara moment. Queen Elizabeth's image will be featured on four new stamps to be released in her memory. On Tuesday, the same day that royal mourning ... read more

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s Steadfast Monarch, Dies

Even as bombs fell on Buckingham Palace—it was hit nine times, including once in September 1940, but the King and Queen managed to escape unharmed—the royal couple refused entreaties to abandon London ... read more

Royal Family Shares Stunning Portrait of Queen Elizabeth and Says Period of Mourning ‘Has Now Ended’

The royal family made a major announcement today regarding Queen Elizabeth’s period of mourning—and it accompanied a stunning portrait of the late queen. Early this morning, the official Instagram ... read more

Images of King Charles III will replace those of Queen Elizabeth II on U.K. currency. Here's when.

The U.K.'s current banknotes feature Queen Elizabeth II while new ones will welcome the new monarch, King Charles III. These are the changes you can expect. read more

Palace Marks End Of Royal Mourning For Queen Elizabeth In A Timeless Way

A beautiful portrait of the late monarch signaled a return to official duties for members of the royal family. read more

Queen Elizabeth II: Floral tributes in London parks composted

It is not known yet what will be done with mourners' written tributes to the Queen, which were also left in Her Majesty's memory. read more

Elizabeth Banks Wishes Her 2019 'Charlie's Angels' Movie Wasn't Marketed as 'Just for Girls'

Elizabeth Banks said, 'There was a story around 'Charlie's Angels' that I was creating some feminist manifesto. I was just making an action movie' ... read more

Fact Check-The Simpsons did not predict the date of Queen Elizabeth’s death

Altered and fabricated footage purportedly showing scenes from the animated television show The Simpsons has been shared on social media to claim that the series “predicted” the date of Queen ... read more

It Was Elizabeth Olsen All Along! How She Struck Marvel Magic and Cemented Wanda as the MCU’s Most Powerful Character

Elizabeth Olsen is one of creative leaders honored for Variety’s 2022 Power of Women presented by Lifetime. To read about her work with the Rape Foundation and Stuart House, click here. For more ... read more

King Charles Inherits Queen Elizabeth's Racehorses

When Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952 she inherited racehorses from her father King George VI. And now, King Charles III has taken over the mantle and will have his first runner later ... read more

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