Kid Hilariously Caught Eating Rotisserie Chicken While Bathing in a Bucket

A video of a kid being caught brazenly eating a rotisserie chicken—after running herself a bath—has gone viral online. In a viral post shared on TikTok, user tashpointohhh92 explained how she found ... read more

Soggy bread is a bust. Here's how to properly pack a sandwich

Hand-held lunches and snacks are just as important, and the easier they are to eat when you’ve got a sessionable beer ... but it can be surprisingly easy to end up with a soggy, bready mess if we’re ... read more

Crispy or Soggy Pizza: You Won’t Believe What This Jersey Girl Prefers

She is a born and raised Jersey girl I met in college and I swear to you, her and I have the same exact mind with just about Let me explain. A massive amount of wine was ... read more

4 Burger Chains With the Most Food Quality Complaints

Poor customer service and soggy food also top the list ... food restaurants consumers refused to visit and found that as many as 13% of them refused to eat at Burger King. On Quora, a Burger King ... read more

How To Avoid A Soggy Tuna Salad Sandwich

After one bad experience with a soggy tuna salad sandwich ... if you're not going to eat it right away. Last but not least: What you wrap your sandwich with makes all the difference. read more

Soggy Samosas With Cold Tea

Watching MDK is like having soggy samosas with cold tea on a wet and dreary day. It should have come with a statutory warning. Subscribe to get complete access to Outlook Print and Digital ... read more

The Cupcake Hack That Will Help You Avoid Soggy Bottoms

What if they're downright soggy on the bottom? You may have thought that discovering the best ratio between moist and wet was a problem reserved for cakes (according to RecipeTin Eats, adding in a ... read more

Tom Parker Bowles & Olly Smith: Eating out

But this being a typically soggy May day, rain has very much stopped play. Hey ho, there are worse places to be than this eminently civilised pub, with a proper bar, comfortable chairs and the ... read more

Soggy '62 Days Celebration carries on in Canyon City

Gray skies and rain did not deter people from attending the 101st ’62 Days Celebration over the weekend. The festivities kicked off Friday, June 10, at Sels’ Brewery in Canyon City. Upwards of 1,000 ... read more

I ate the same meal at Wahlburgers and BurgerFi, and I would splurge for the better food

While eating at Wahlburgers felt fancier ... The bread didn't get soggy or fall apart under the weight of each topping. Even when I put it down to taste the other menu items in front of me ... read more

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