Karachi Eat 2022: Everything we tried at city's biggest food festival

With fewer options, Khi Eat offered some items which were downright delectable while others completely missed the mark ... read more

Cooking Tips: How To Use Leftover Pizza? 5 Unique Snacks With A Pizza Twist

Find the recipes down below. Pizza is the go-to party dish for many foodies across the world! The ease and comfort of having a dish with the goodness of cheese, sauce and veggies are what makes it so ... read more

Soggy vs Stable Food Characters at the Pool

Taco, Cake, Donut, Gelatin, Pie, Eggy, Lollipop, and Fries having fun, Pie just Laughing about Four of You just Soggy and the Others are Not Funny, and Gelatin was Hungry to Eating Cake (C) Taco, Cake ... read more

Choux pastry: how to avoid a soggy middle

It’s really important to have a very hot oven for making any choux pastries, so that’s the first thing to think about. When you know they’re cooked, usually after 20 to 25 minutes, take them ... read more

The worst food habits you should ditch forever

Any sauce turns crisp, crunchy fries into a soggy mess. Best to keep condiments on the side. Ask around and you'll find loud munching is one of the most reviled eating habits. For people with a ... read more

How to Eat Boiled Peanuts

The shells of the boiled peanuts should be soggy from soaking in the pot; the legumes inside should be soft and tender in the mouth. Eat boiled peanuts when they are hot or warm. Crack open the peanut ... read more

Eat your instant ramen with a side of cheese toast

There’s something I’ve been doing for most of my adult life that I assumed other people knew about. Sometimes, when I eat instant ramen (my favorite is Neoguri, by the way), I’ll make myself a side of ... read more

Tom Parker Bowles & Olly Smith: Eating out

A legendary Mayfair haunt has been reborn. Tom visits the new Langan's and gives his verdict ... read more

What are the options for eating, particularly...

You should eat somewhere else, their pizza is advertised as best in town but definitely not. Soggy bases, long waits for a pizza... not worth it. Get a better one down at the Fire And Smoke. The ... read more

The Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood shares unrecognisable throwback

The Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood just might be as synonymous with cropped white hair and salt-and-pepper stubble as he is handshakes and soggy bottoms, but he didn't always sport the facial ... read more

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