Tired of dieting? The 10 principles of intuitive eating

If they ate the diet pudding, or thought they were eating it, they ate less afterward. But when they ate the 600-calorie bowl – or thought they had – they ended up eating more sandwiches. “They ... read more

Emotional binge eating: Here’s what it is and how you control it effectively

You must have heard, or perhaps indulged in, 'stress eating'. But, if you reach out for your 'comfort foods', often rich in fat, sugar, or both, when you're going through any kind of emotional ... read more

Tom Parker Bowles & Olly Smith: Eating out

Tom takes a fresh look around familiar territory and uncovers an overlooked Malaysian treasure ... read more

Try intuitive eating to break the diet cycle

If that cycle sounds familiar to you, welcome to the world of chronic dieting. In the 1970s, Dr Janet Polivy, then a graduate student, along with Dr C. Peter Herman, a psychology professor, began ... read more

We’re eating plastic, people!

There's a proposal to limit the production of plastics so they don't overwhelm the planet. Will it ever become a reality? Probably not. read more

'Heating or eating': Britons struggle with rising costs

Nestled amid superstores at a retail park, the Colchester Foodbank in eastern England last year gave out a total of 165 tonnes of food -- enough to feed 17,000 people. read more

Eating Disorder Statistics

Recently, singer Taylor Swift revealed in the documentary "Miss Americana" her own struggles with an eating disorder. You may be surprised to find out just how common eating disorders are – and ... read more

Turns Out, Eating a Late Dinner Impacts Your Digestion—Here’s How

Whether you get home from work late or stay out at a restaurant with friends talking and laughing over your favorite dishes—eating a late dinner is often part of life. Juggling schedules, planning ... read more

Flesh-eating bugs to heart-stopping parasites – tropical terrors to avoid on holiday

Before you jet off in search of Covid-free adventure, get clued up on the rare yet deadly infections around the globe ... read more

THE POSTSCRIPT: Eating broccoli

I bought more broccoli because I knew you were coming,” my mother informed me. You can never get enough broccoli; that is my belief. I am lucky in that I never had to acquire a taste for vegetables ... read more

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