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Drinking Age Law Cut Car Accidents But Increased Underage Drinking Survey Shows - Latest News

Age-21 Drinking Laws Cut Traffic Deaths

Researchers found that laws making it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to possess or purchase alcohol have led to an 11% drop in alcohol-related fatal car crashes. In addition, the study shows ... read more

Why 21? A Look at Our Nation’s Drinking Age

Some argue that making alcohol illegal gives it a “taboo allure,’’ and actually increases underage ... Age Act in July 1984, a law that mandated states increase the drinking age to 21. The law worked, ... read more

Sorry, college students, but the drinking age should stay at 21

But there's a very compelling case for keeping the drinking age at 21: It saves lives. That may be hard to believe, given how many people flout the laws and drink anyway ... By extension, a 10 percent ... read more

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POV: Legal Drinking Age of 21 Works. Deal with It.

To be clear, there is absolutely no research to demonstrate that the age 21 law is counterproductive. In fact, the empirical evidence shows ... underage students to abstain altogether, which is ... read more

Time to Lower the Drinking Age

Then, 30 years ago this summer, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act of 1984, which mandated that all states adopt 21 as the legal drinking age over the next ... read more

Binge Drinking at the Legal Limit

Furthermore, he says, there is no statistical evidence that binge drinking increases along with the rising legal age, or that it will decline with a drop. Indeed, an annual University of Michigan ... read more

Campus drinking: How a party school sobered up

The average number of drinks consumed per student has been cut in half ... Michigan's Monitoring the Future survey. 2. College students still drink a lot — usually illegally (about three-quarters of ... read more

Alcohol-related deaths are rising. Will new state rules help?

Drinking to death U.S. dietary guidelines still say that moderate drinking for those of legal drinking age means up to ... illness is less clear-cut than when injuries are involved, Hingson points out ... read more

Study: Lowering blood alcohol limit would reduce drunken driving deaths

which concludes that despite efforts in the 1980s to lower BAC limits and raise the legal drinking age to 21, progress in reducing drunken driving deaths has stalled. “The plateauing fatality rates ... read more

Drinking: 18 vs. 21

Part four of a five-part series exploring drinking on campus. It’s the question that has stuck in the craw of underage college ... all 50 states to raise their legal drinking age to 21 years old or ... read more

Letting teen drink under parent's watch backfires

A new study shows that teens who drink with an adult supervising ... “Parents need to make it clear that it’s not OK for kids to drink until they reach the legal drinking age – a line has to be drawn. ... read more

Liberal Feminists, Stop Smearing Critics As Rape Apologists

I contend the National Minimum Drinking Age Act encourages binge drinking by restricting teens from drinking in public, in bars, and in moderation. And I expect that repealing the law—something ... read more

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