IWD? Maybe don't bother??

2. If you have to parachute in senior female leaders from other organisations because you dont have any senior female leaders yourselves, please don't bother. Concentrate instead on why your ... read more

Hey boss, don’t bother me outside work hours

Australian workers would have a legislated right to fully disconnect from all work technologies outside of work hours and to not be contacted by their boss, under a bill introduced to Parliament by ... read more

‘Don’t bother’: fewer than five same-sex couples in Victoria approved for adoption since 2017

“Honestly, my advice to same-sex couples seeking to adopt in Victoria has been don’t bother,” he tells Guardian Australia. Sign up for a weekly email featuring our best reads “The bottom ... read more

I’m a gynecologist – you should reschedule if you’re on period but don’t bother shaving or waxing, we’re not fussed

A GYNECOLOGIST has revealed the three things that you should know, so you’ll want to take notes.  Posting on social media, Dr Sadaf (@drsadafobgyn), a certified gynecologist and ... read more

‘The Dropout’: Binge Worthy or Don’t Bother?

At this point, you're probably all too familiar with the story of how Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford at age 19 to start Theranos. You've seen the eyes. You've heard the voice. You know that ... read more

Trying to replace China’s supply chains? Don’t bother

Despite great hopes on Vietnam, analysts and consultants don't expect the Southeast Asian nation to replace China in terms of supply chains. iStock There won’t be one new factory floor of the world to ... read more

Crime will pay if police don’t bother to charge criminals

The statistics are new, but the problem is depressingly familiar. Bicycle thefts reported to Hampshire police over three months last year: 751; suspects charged, zero. Attempted burglaries in ... read more

Don't bother writing a 'love letter' to home sellers. They're a waste of time and someone could get screwed.

An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. An curved arrow pointing right. When Lauren Byington and husband, Warren, listed their home outside San Antonio, Texas, for sale in 2020 ... read more

I’m 64 – I know I’m fat but I’ll still pose in my undies, the trolls don’t bother me

The bold woman clapped back at trolls by revealing that they don't bother her. Jean Connolly (@jeanconnolly) took to TikTok in a saucy display of her physique. In the video, she wore a pair of ... read more

Kristin Cavallari Says She Doesn't Get Botox or Filler: 'My Lines Don't Bother Me'

The reality TV star explained that she embraces her wrinkles. "My lines don't bother me. You can see them here on my forehead. I'm extremely animated so I would lose a lot of my expression if I got ... read more

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