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Done Is My Favorite Word / How I Became An Agile Practitioner

A friend invited me out to his garage after a nice cigar to show off the car he was building. It consisted, at that moment, of an engine sitting on a concrete slab. “Ah, so you have the engine,” I sai... read more

Full transcript: Business management expert and author Tom Peters on Recode Decode

You may know me as the woman in charge around here, but in my ... has become conventional wisdom, though that’s a much longer conversation because they talk a lot about it, but I’m not sure they reall... read more

Justina Machado (‘One Day at a Time’): Our show ‘brought back the middle class hero’ [Complete Interview Transcript]

GD (Tony): One of my favorite dynamics particularly in this season is the dynamic between Penelope and her children. She’s such a mama bear in the best sense of the word and to see ... to her being a ... read more

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My child is a slob: Instilling good habits as children

Cleaning day was her favorite ... Now, I help my kids pick up, make their beds and organize their rooms. It’s a nice way to spend productive time together and connect and talk about their days.” As li... read more

How a month and a half on Paxil taught me to love being shy.

I wondered what Paxil could do for me. Was a smoother, suaver Seth just 20 milligrams away? Skimming my insurance company’s list, I found a nearby general practitioner ... favorite thing to do (writin... read more

Judika Illes on Folklore, Witches, and Saints

One of my favorite ... it’s being done openly. Saint veneration has become quite common in 21st century Hoodoo, but until recently that didn’t really exist. Whether practitioners would identify as wit... read more

A year of transformation at 'Stretching Out': Favorite workouts and fitness activities of 2016

Below are my top 10 favorite activities ... I still have work to do, but the impact already has been enormous. 8. CycleBar I became fast friends this year with CycleBar, a new cycling studio in Beachw... read more

NCAA bracketology: How to lose to a cocker spaniel

Lunardi is the inventor and foremost practitioner of bracketology ... It costs $99 for eight weeks. We do a whole mock selection the last class. Q: Not that everyone rushes to sign up. Lunardi: My wif... read more

How Jon Jones Became The Baddest Motherfucker On Earth

I'm telling them a funny story I heard during my ... Jon Jones became the baddest motherfucker on Earth by making the baddest motherfuckers on Earth give up. He makes them lose their will to fight. He ... read more

School of the Future

NARRATOR: School of the Future, right now ... more advanced than what they can do today. MARY BYRNES: Wrap up that last sentence. Turn to your partner. Turn. Hurry up! FEMALE STUDENT (Beverly Hills Mi... read more

Definition of Italian Witchcraft Practice

In all my learning, and for lack of a better word, apprenticeship, under the matriarchs of my ... I learned to cook, sew, embroider, garden, do laundry, etc. It was common in my neighborhood for young ... read more

Your literary playlist: A guide to the music of Haruki Murakami

I talked it over with my buddy and we figured, Okay. It wouldn't be work in the purest sense of the word, and it wouldn't hurt anybody ... As time went by, his fingers became more agile, more generous ... read more

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