Dolly Parton, Dave Grohl And Billie Piper Feature In Letter To My Younger Self Paperback

Dolly Parton, Dave Grohl and Billie Piper feature in Letter To My Younger Self paperback

The paperback edition of The Big Issue’s celebrated Letter To My Younger Self ... with Dave Grohl, who discusses the trauma of Kurt Cobain’s death, Richard Osman remembering the day his dad told him ... read more

Chris and Billie voted worst holiday companions

Despite their fun-loving attitude and fondness for boozy nights, Chris Evans and his wife Billie Piper would be the holiday partners from hell, according to a new survey. More than 1,000 readers ... read more

Billie shows off a fuller figure

Since her marriage to Chris Evans, Billie Piper's shape has been as unpredictable as her mercurial husband's moods. She has varied between pencil-slim and chunky, although often it was hard to ... read more

The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki: A deeply profound novel about human connection

This idea of unusual forms of grief also runs through my last three novels, which deal with a family of women running a funeral directors. Ozeki is a practising Zen Buddhist priest and elements of ... read more

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