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How to stay focused on the business decisions that matter most

Technologists love solving problems ... our business operations? For example, if this technology stops working, are you and/or your clients dead in the water? Second, does this technology have ... read more

Blockchain Might Solve The Problem of Omnichannel Payments

That time is over, not because I want it to be, but because true omnichannel commerce is simply not possible without solving the payment problem. I’ve heard ... but when it opens it actually does have ... read more

ReviewTrackers Raises $10M To Help You Keep Track Of When Someone Says Something Bad About Your Business

This is the problem that reputation management firms are trying to solve. One of them ... a four-star rating before they choose a business! So even just a lousy review or two can really have an impact ... read more

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How to influence people without making them feel like you're telling them what to do, using one simple phrase

If you want to influence people to do ... your brand isn't your logo or your marketing. Your brand is the way people feel about your business. It's your brand that causes them to trust that the ... read more

Does Your Business Solve a Problem People Actually Have?

Before you build a website. Before you write a business plan. Before you even tell your parents what you’re doing. Ask yourself one question: Are you solving a problem people actually have? It seems ... read more

"Rainbow retail" a biz opportunity in Pride Month and beyond

"Diversity and inclusion are good for business ... t just buy people's attention," he said. "It's a new day. You can't just advertise and expect people to believe you. You have to do something. You ... read more

The Right Way to Solve Complex Business Problems

How to solve ... have deep insight into your organization in terms of A. what’s going to be feasible, B. what’s going to be desirable on the part of the people that actually have the problem, who ... read more

Slow Growth Is A Software Killer: Uniting Product And Business Will Help You Stay Alive

How do we avoid this? A problem many software companies have is seeing product and the business ... people in our industry will be familiar with is tacking on feature after feature for individual ... read more

How to Find Consultants Who Actually Solve Your Business Problems

Some people have a lot of success with them. But entrusting a stranger with the management of your business can be risky -- even dangerous. Here are five things you must consider when choosing a ... read more

A Brief History of Smartphone Notifications

I have some of those documents here. I don't think I can actually share these results, but we would do ... to solve problems. It is there to be helpful. Everything that we did back then, everything ... read more

A little-known trucking startup just beat Tesla and Waymo to run driverless semi-trucks on the open road

But these companies still have at least two people ... to solve a very distinct problem, and that problem is the persistent long-haul truck driver shortage in US trucking," Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO ... read more

Entrepreneurs: Here Is How You Can Find Problems to Solve

You might think you have the next big idea, but have you really ... problem to solve. The problem serves as the foundation for your company. What is needed + what you can do It can be very tempting to ... read more

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