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Does The Medicareforall Price Tag Seem Staggering Some Experts Say It Goes Beyond Just The Basic Numbers - Latest News

Does The ‘Medicare-For-All’ Price Tag Seem Staggering? Some Experts Say It Goes Beyond Just The Basic Numbers

While some experts say that's too high to consider ... (Luthi, 7/30) The Fiscal Times: Putting A Price Tag On Medicare For All Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” proposal would increase federal s... read more

Oregon Considers Per-Mile Tax On Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

The unemployment rate is dipping because many people have simply given up and have either stopped looking for work or have dropped off the five-year cliff beyond which ... It’s not just bad for morale ... read more

Is America Having Enough Babies…Or is it Another Sign We're Turning Japanese?

And it's not just the numbers of births that matter ... underestimated even today and construction companies are confounded by staggering low levels of new housing formation (the numbers of new famili... read more

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The White House Rejects Solutions to the Mess it Made. We Will Pay for it With Austerity

I was given to understand that there were rules at this site. First and foremost, DBAD. Secondly, I believe I remember reading something about staying away from people you dislike. So if you hate ... read more

Online behaviour: Are you a good netizen?

What does the future hold for the good netizen ... These types of stories provoke a range of reactions. Some bemoan the decline of civility as if there was a golden age of politeness. Others present t... read more

The Myth of the Scientific Liberal

By acknowledging that if the findings hold in subsequent years, Obamacare's plan to use Medicaid to achieve its universal coverage goal -- at half-a-trillion-dollar price tag over a decade ... Liberal... read more

The Madness of NYT’s Tom Friedman

Friedman, of course, has paid no career price ... seem that anyone foolish enough to take that title after Blair has gone down in history as “Bush’s poodle” and is now despised even by his own Labour ... read more

Noah's Ark discovery raises flood of questions

Does this mean that the author of that version was following the ancient Mesopotamian account that was just discovered ... multiple different biblical versions. They share a basic outline, and some ce... read more

Germany set to abandon nuclear power for good

And experts ... just announced legislation to speed up grid construction but gave no cost estimate. And even if non-nuclear power is more expensive, Germans seeing images daily of Japan's crippled Fuk... read more

Spooks Spooking Themselves

Indeed, the activities that got IRA in trouble in the first place are so unimpressive – just $46,000 worth of Facebook ads that it purchased prior to election day, some pro-Trump ... it less credible ... read more

The cold calculations of the GFC stimulus

The stimulus is just used as evidence that Swan isn't afraid to make the ... This happens once a month, in good times and bad, no matter what the elected government does. The fiscal response has two p... read more

Amazing photos show us why the American transportation network has fallen off the rails!

You gotta spend money to make money. And it's the right thing to do. To what GOP magic math model am I referring? Something called "dynamic scoring." You may be asking yourself what could be wrong ... read more

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