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Does Creatine help build muscle and burn fat?

You’ve no doubt already heard all about Creatine. It’s one of the most popular and widely available supplements around – and it also has a great deal of scientific research behind it. But what does th... read more

This Is the Workout You Should Do to Burn Fat and Build Muscle (Hint: It's Not Weightlifting)

Sprinting will help ... in your muscles if you stick with it," he continued. "Sprinting does have a huge effect on your metabolism, so you're going to burn calories at a huge rate and you're going to ... read more

10 reasons you might be gaining weight that have nothing to do with your diet

If the medication you are on does have weight-gain potential ... it's going to burn calories more quickly than someone who has that same, let's say 150 pounds, of mostly fat." "Building muscle can hel... read more

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Intermittent Fasting For Better Muscle Growth & Fat Loss

Is it possible that fasting or intermittent fasting can help you to actually build muscle, not just burn fat? Here’s the science and the ... human growth hormone does something very specific when it c... read more

Does Red Wine Help You Lose Weight?

But don't give up on the grape just yet—red wine does help ... component of fat burning, Lockwood says. A glass of red also increases your levels of two hormones—adiponectin and free testosterone, whi... read more

Want guilt-free fizz and a mince pie? All it takes is 13 minutes claims a new fitness routine

Muscle uses more energy than fat, so even when you’re lolling on the sofa watching a re-run of Love Actually, your metabolism ticks along at a faster rate than before. If you gain a pound of muscle, y... read more

Exactly why those last few kilos won't budge

Cutting down on coffee could actually help ... zero does it go into finding alternative sources of energy. That’s when you start burning fats. ‘If you go for a fast and explosive sprint, the very firs... read more

Obesity: Dos and don’ts you MUST follow to protect yourself from diseases

Berries: Berries are packed with polyphenol antioxidants that will help burn fat and prevent it from forming as well as boost your workout benefits by improving blood flow to your muscles ... week hel... read more

Best Fat-Burning Foods

Any food that is rich in soluble fiber will typically improve fat reduction. [Read: Best Workout Foods: What to Eat Before a Workout.] 2. Plain, old-fashioned chicken breast is one of the best fat-bur... read more

Does BCAA or Beta-Alanine break your fast?

It’s common knowledge, but to lose fat, you need to burn more calories ... it is the ‘building block’ of the molecule Carnosine. Studies have shown that increasing Carnosine levels by supplementing wi... read more

From Weight Loss To Muscle Strength Include This Whey Protein In Your Diet Right Now

Including whey protein in your diet is a great way to increase your protein intake, which should be beneficial for weight loss and burning belly fat ... muscle development and aid in recovery. The ami... read more

The best fat burning exercise

So, does exercise really help you lose weight ... it’s not fat reserves that disappear first… far from it! At first, you burn up the energy that’s directly available to your muscles (ATP and creatine) ... read more

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