Definition of 'discover'

If you discover something that you did not know about before, you become aware of it or learn of it. She discovered that they'd escaped. It was difficult for the inspectors to discover which documents ... read more

These hair growth oils will help you unlock incredibly luscious locks

Fancy long and thick strands? Read on to discover how to achieve them, plus cop the best hair growth oils that are available in India. read more

These beautiful Thai beaches will have you pack your bags and book a flight today

Thai beaches are all beautiful, but which one should you visit? Our top picks will surely have you pack your bags and book a flight asap! read more

incredibly powerful

It was an incredibly powerful document that left me - for the first time in many years - truly hopeful. If you can direct 50m into a small company because you believe in it, that's an incredibly ... read more

Aquarius zodiac sign: Personality traits, compatibility and more

Aquarius is a bit of an odd duck, and they’re kind of proud about it, plus the zodiac sign is ruled by three planets. read more

About Discover

Take an exciting adventure with Discover magazine as it reports captivating developments in science, medicine, technology, and the world around us. Spectacular photography and refreshingly ... read more

When You Come To Hate Something You Liked It Is Incredibly Painful Crossword Clue

For the word puzzle clue of when you come to hate something you liked it is incredibly painful, the Sporcle Puzzle Library found the following results. Explore more crossword clues and answers by ... read more

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