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Dinosaur Farts Caused Sauropodogenic Global Warming, Says Study

A new study, Could Methane Produced by Sauropod Dinosaurs Have Helped Drive Mesozoic Climate Warmth?, [PDF] in Current Biology suggests that dinosaur flatulence may have boosted global average tempera... read more

The Search for Lost Frogs: one of conservation’s most exciting expeditions comes to life in new book

One of the most exciting conservation initiatives in recent years was the ... is able to wipe out entire species without exterminating itself. Mongabay: How has global warming perhaps exacerbated the ... read more

What James Cameron Found in the Sea; Cannibal Lobsters

"There was a lot of nutrient input," says ... Farts Caused Global Warming RELATED: James Cameron Has Water on the Brain French men aren't producing as much sperm. Well, this won't help dispel any of t... read more

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Why Hong Kong buffalo burps may help unlock global methane mystery

“The Venusians have lost all their carbon to the atmos­phere,” he says. Not that there are any sentient beings on Venus, of course, and even if there were, a surface temperature of 500 degrees Celsius ... read more

The reports of dinosaurs dying of farts are greatly exaggerated

No, dinosaurs did not fart themselves to death ... around 65 million years ago had seemed the most likely cause of their extinction. So I read the paper. The researchers didn’t say that at all. There ... read more

Dinosaurs' Gaseous Emissions Warmed Earth?

Today cows, goats, sheep, giraffes, and other ruminants contribute to global warming by releasing ... describe it as a super-greenhouse," study co-author Wilkinson said. To better link dinosaur emissi... read more

No, a new study does not show cosmic-rays are connected to global warming

For example, an opinion piece in The Financial Post has the headline "New, convincing evidence indicates global warming is caused by cosmic rays ... Post run with a headline that says the exact opposi... read more

Could global warming's top culprit help crops?

Credit: Bruce Kimball/USDA Many scientists fear that global warming will hit staple ... pose daunting challenges. A new study says more carbon dioxide in the air could help mitigate projected damage t... read more

Can't Blame the Sun for Global Warming, Says Study

Of course in areas that are prey to big uncertainties, no study is definitive. However, as the evidence for man-made global warming continues to accumulate, policymakers and citizens should turn our a... read more

US Media’s Global Warming Denialism

Exclusive: Besides nuclear war, arguably the greatest threat to human civilization is global warming, but the U.S. news media virtually ... left millions hungry, and caused “severe economic damage.” T... read more

Contrarian Scientist Who Says Sun is Responsible for Global Warming is Accused of Taking Corporate Cash for Science

Willie Soon, a prominent global warming ... what I say or do or research or write.” If recently released documents are accurate, he is a liar. During a lecture on climate change in 2013, Willie Soon, ... read more

Volcanic aerosols, not pollutants, tamped down recent Earth warming, study says

A new study led by the University ... sources of decadal climate variability, the global impact of local pollution and the role of volcanoes." While small and moderate volcanoes mask some of the human ... read more

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