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Diminished Conditioned Pain Modulation Observed In Patients With Ibs - Latest News

Conditioned pain modulation

Conditioned pain modulation (CPM) paradigms have been increasingly used over the past few years to assess endogenous analgesia capacity in healthy individuals and pain patients. The current review con... read more

Central pain processing is altered in people with Achilles tendinopathy

Results An increase in PPT was observed in the Achilles tendinopathy ... Considering the presence of altered conditioned pain modulation effects in people with Achilles tendinopathy, similar findings ... read more

Cognitive and emotional control of pain and its disruption in chronic pain

Chronic pain ... of pain modulation, possibly leading to a diminished ability in pain regulation. There is also evidence that disruption of endogenous pain modulatory systems by chronic pain alters co... read more

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Lost but making progress—Where will new analgesic drugs come from?

mechanistic phenotyping of pain patients, development of biomarkers, and emerging insights into chronic pain as a disorder of both the periphery and the brain. Collaborative efforts between pharmaceut... read more

The placebo narrative: Justifying integrative medicine through exaggeration

Parkinson’s, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, depression ... study artifacts that have little or no bearing on real world outcomes and/or modulation of the patient’s perception of his symptoms. ... read more

Nicotine and Tobacco as Substances of Abuse in Children and Adolescents

Users also report that smoking alleviates anxiety, depression, and pain and that they, therefore ... 22 Neurophysiologic dependence may lead to tolerance, with a diminished effect experienced with con... read more

The Sertraline vs Electrical Current Therapy for Treating Depression Clinical Study : Results From a Factorial, Randomized, Controlled Trial

The Sertraline vs Electrical Current Therapy for Treating Depression Clinical Study: results from a factorial, randomized, controlled trial. JAMA Psychiatry. Published online February 6, 2013. doi:10. ... read more

Nocebo effects in clinical studies: hints for pain therapy

4,34 The implications for patients who depend on pharmacological management of pain are extremely relevant, especially if diminished medication efficacy ... communication on the placebo effect in irri... read more

For Placebo Effects in Medicine, Seeing Is Believing

The regions of the brain that are activated by the pain stimulus are shown in red. Activation in these brain regions is diminished commensurate ... single-blind RCT conducted with patients suffering f... read more

Can neuroimaging studies identify pain endophenotypes in humans?

For humans, the reporting of pain is largely mediated via language, which can be limiting, as patients must assign a number or a word to represent a multidimensional experience. This disconnection bet... read more

Implantation of hyaluronic acid hydrogel prevents the pain phenotype in a rat model of intervertebral disc injury

Although, in both NP and AF tissues, the proportion of C4S tended to be higher in the injury groups than in the control groups, no significant differences were observed ... pain phenotype, enabling us ... read more

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