SocialAmp is taking over the digital space

SocialAmp is a digital marketing agency specialising in digital advertising. Dedicated to helping clients harness the power of digital platforms, SocialAmp.. read more

Digital infra, policy, workforce critical to recovery – experts

Digital infrastructure is crucial to economic recovery and development, but it can only be achieved if the Philippines has investment-friendly policies and if the combined workforces of the public and ... read more

Safe Digital Space: AUW, UNDP to promote intercommunal, religious harmony

Bangladesh, Sept. 21 -- The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Asian University for Women (AUW) have joined hands to create a safe and tolerant digital space through UNDP's ... read more

Building Effective Leaders In Digital Marketing

This has been tricky amongst a backdrop of a digital skills gap and the “Great Resignation.” So, how do we create effective leaders in a space where finding and retaining great talent is hard? Here ... read more

All parties should improve child safety in digital space: Minister

We invite all parties in Indonesia to improve the safety of children in the digital space. For parents, assist the 'journey' of children on social media and ensure that children consume positive ... read more

Digital Assets and Tokenisation – Educating & Working with Asia’s Private Clients

Why should Asia’s private clients even be considering investment in digital assets? Should Asia’s private banks and EAMs be promoting digital assets to their wealthier clients? How do banks and other ... read more

UNDP, AUW promote religious harmony through creating a safe and tolerant digital space

Team Illuminate” & "Let’s Spared Humanity” were the winners for their ideas to promote peace and tolerance by creating different content on social media and raising awareness of the students of AUW ... read more

MIT Consumer Edtech Startup Out Of The Box Education Launches World's First Classroom-in-a-Box with Digital Platform for Children

An all-in-one, modular educational unit for children ages 2+ and above, creating meaningful learning and playing experiences anywhere.Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States - September 25, 2022 — Out ... read more

Bill To Be Drafted On Protecting Rights Of Azerbaijani Citizens In Digital Space

By Sabina Mammadli A draft law on protecting the rights of Azerbaijani citizens in the digital space will be prepared. This was ann ... read more

As APCON Moves Regulate Advertisements in Digital Space

Interestingly, while product advert placements in the digital space may not be the only focus for APCON, political adverts in the forthcoming political campaign and electioneering will also be ... read more

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