Beauty company claims dictionary's definition of beauty is ageist, sexist

Coty, one of the largest beauty companies in the world, accused dictionaries of "ageism" and "sexism" in their definitions of the word "beauty" and called it "outdated." ... read more

From ‘bindaas’ to ‘almirah’: Indian English pronunciation for over 800 words added to Oxford English Dictionary

The addition of Indian English pronunciations to OED brings its total number of global varieties to sixteen. The OED provides both audio alongside pronunciation transcriptions to be read for its users ... read more

Should the dictionary definition of 'beauty' change?

Coty’s CEO has written an open letter to major dictionaries asking to change their outdated definitions of beauty ... read more

Gen Z dictionary: Slang words to decipher what your younger colleagues are saying

With Gen Z bringing phrases of their own to the office table, you can find yourself rather confused when you’re in conversation with them. Need some help? Here, we share a list of some of the most ... read more

How first volume of Oxford English Dictionary came into existence

Both Cambridge and Oxford University Presses were considered, but it wasn't until 1879 that Oxford finally agreed . The dictionary was to be released in stages and in its final form would consist of 4 ... read more

Indian English pronunciation added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Announcement of the addition of Indian English pronunciations to the Oxford English Dictionary.Pronunciation transcriptions and audio for over 800 entries particularly associated with Indian English, ... read more

Union Budget 2023: Your dictionary for all key terms

The Union Budget 2023-24 is all set to be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1, 2023. The upcoming budget will be tabled in Parliament at a time when India's economic ... read more

Dwayne Johnson headlines 'The Dictionary' movie adaptation as a rock

While some say the announcement of a dictionary movie left them speechless, their lack of familiarity with the source material left them unaware that referring to themselves as speechless would go ... read more

What is a dictionary attack?

In essence, a dictionary attack is a type of brute force attack, but it uses recognizable words rather than strings of random letters, numbers and symbols. And when many inexperienced tech users ... read more

CDIAL unveils dictionary for modern words in native languages

The Centre for Digitization of Indigenous Languages (CDIAL) has unveiled a dictionary that translates modern words into native languages. CDIAL is a social impact company that leverages artificial ... read more

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