S'pore man infected with the Delta variant in May; last month, he came down with Omicron

His recent infection was mild, unlike his previous one in May. This time, his symptoms subsided after four days. . Read more at read more

S’pore PR gets infected with Omicron in December after Delta plus infection last May

There have been reports of individuals previously infected with the Delta variant coming down with Covid-19 again—but this time with an Omicron infection. read more

Omicron has put an end to the idea of herd immunity in India but could it help protect against the Delta variant?

In India, the notion of "herd immunity", which lulled many into a false sense of security before Delta cases exploded last year, has disappeared from public discourse, despite the high prevalence of ... read more

‘Delta variant dominated paediatric cases during second wave’

According to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) scientists, the purpose of the study was to check if there was any new variant or mutation of the variant among the paediatric population. read more

Winter Olympics: IOC says Tokyo 2020 Delta experience will help keep Omicron out as China battles surge in new cases

IOC Executive Director Christophe Dubi says organisers’ pre-Games regime is ‘incredibly robust’ and they do not fear an Omicron outbreak. read more

Omicron vs. delta: Study examines difference between two coronavirus variant symptoms

The differences between omicron and delta variant symptoms were analyzed as part of a COVD-19 infection survey. read more

Omicron variant is half as likely to cause hospitalization and 91% LESS likely to cause death in infected patients when compared to Delta, CDC report finds

The Omicron variant rarely causes death, the CDC reports, and those infected by the variant are at a 91 percent decreased risk of death when compared to people infected by the Delta variant. read more

Delta variant vanishes from Altamonte Springs-area wastewater, but COVID levels remain high

New test results show levels of COVID-19 are slightly higher in the wastewater from the Altamonte Sewer Service Area. read more

COVID-19: Unlike Delta variant, Omicron stays clear of lungs

Volunteers with the organisation said the collective would be involved in treating mild cases of Covid-19, as it had done previously. read more

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Queenstown Top 10 holiday park new high-risk location of interest

School children are getting their Covid-19 jabs from today while the Omicron variant continues to hover on New Zealand's doorstep. Video / NZ Herald Three new high-risk locations of interest in ... read more

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