Vaccines four times weaker against BQ.1.1 Covid variant

Researchers from the University of Texas find that booster shots are significantly weaker in protecting against the rapidly spreading new BQ.1.1 variant. read more

Delta coronavirus variant doubles risk of hospitalization: Scottish study

The Delta coronavirus variant, first identified in India, carries about double the risk of hospitalization compared with the Alpha variant, first identified in the U.K., according to research from ... read more

Troubling Report on the Delta Variant

While the Pfizer mRNA vaccines remains highly effective at preventing hospitalization and serious illness (over 90%), the efficacy against infection with the Delta variant has dropped markedly. read more

Omicron’s Origins: How the SARS-CoV-2 Variant Emerged in Africa

Omicron’s predecessors existed on the African continent months before the first cases, suggesting that Omicron emerged gradually in different countries. read more

Maruti Suzuki Brezza ZXI & Grand Vitara Delta variants compared on video

Maruti Suzuki recently launched their flagship SUV Grand Vitara in the market. The deliveries for Grand Vitara have started and we have seen several videos of the same online. We drove the new Grand ... read more

Coconut Shake Shop Boss Who Sold “Very Few Cups A Day" During Covid Pandemic Bounces Back With Plans For 10 Outlets By 2023

Super Coconut’s first Orchard outlet sold “very few cups a day” after opening shortly before the Delta variant outbreak. How did its owner turn the biz around within a year? read more

Covid vaccines reduce death risk in children ‘regardless of variant’

Vaccination against Covid-19 provides young people with very strong protection against dying from the illness, regardless of which variant of SARS-CoV-2 ... read more

Omicron variant spreads faster with lessened virulence, pathogenicity: Chinese respiratory experts

International and domestic monitoring has confirmed that the virulence and pathogenicity of the Omicron variant and its evolutionary branches are significantly reduced compared with the original COVID ... read more

1 year after emergence of Omicron variant, should we worry about another one?

One year after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Omicron variant as one of concern, what has changed and is it possible that another variant of concern will emerge? Find out here ... read more

China's Xi told EU less lethal Omicron opens way for fewer COVID restrictions

Chinese President Xi Jinping blamed mass protests in Chinese cities on youth frustrated by years of the COVID-19 pandemic, but said the now dominant Omicron variant of the virus paved the way for ... read more

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