Cladding crisis: Flats still 'unsellable' despite new valuation rules, say owners

Campaigners described new guidance to help with the valuation of cladding-hit flats as 'well-meaning' but had 'serious concerns' about how effective the new approach would be. read more

Sheffield: High streets 'on cliff-edge' as cost of living crisis bites - expert

High streets such as Sheffield's could soon be hit by a wave of closures due to the cost of living crisis and rising energy prices, an expert has warned. A fifth of shops in parts of Sheffield were on ... read more

Australia’s mountain mist frog declared extinct as red list reveals scale of biodiversity crisis

Experts describe it as a ‘beautiful endemic rainforest species’, one of several that have not been seen for decades ... read more

Housing crisis prompts French students to escape to the country

Students forced to head outside cities for accommodation are also providing a useful supplement to farmers’ income ... read more

LAURA INGRAHAM: America's youth is facing a full-blown, 'heartbreaking' mental health crisis

Fox News host Laura Ingraham asks what we are doing to young Americans as the struggles of mental health issues and drug use increase on "The Ingraham Angle." ... read more

Woman forced to work 60-hour week as cost of living crisis and rent rises collide

Mortgage repayments have increased by hundreds of dollars and rents have skyrocketed across the country, as homeowners pass on the interest rate rise to their tenants. read more

Hurricanes, war, or pandemic: 4 steps to support remote employees in a crisis

The pandemic demonstrated that events far from the office can ripple across your organization and distributed workforce—from COVID shutdowns to China layoffs at suppliers and geopolitical shifts in ... read more

Crisis of confidence over cardinal shakes Cologne Catholics

Catholic believers have protested their deeply divisive arch While Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki’s personal fate is in the hands of Pope Francis, the drama has reverberations nationwide, given that the ... read more

A Black Market for Dollars Emerges in Crisis-Stricken Pakistan

A black market for dollars has sprung up in Pakistan after the central bank restricted access to foreign currency to preserve dwindling reserves. The forex shortage and emergence of a parallel market ... read more

Britain's jobless crisis fuelled by benefits anomaly that encourages people to work just two days a week

Quirk in system means people have little incentive to take on extra hours Britain’s worklessness crisis is being fuelled by a benefits system anomaly that encourages people to work just two days a ... read more

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