Digital Card Vs Online Credit Card: Application Process

When you hear the word credit card, what comes to mind? Chances are it’s an image of a plastic card that can be used to make purchases in stores, online, or even over the phone. While to the ones who ... read more

Lindsey Graham praises Trump after SCOTUS overturns Roe: ‘deserves the lion’s share of credit’

Sen. Lindsey Graham praised former President Donald Trump following the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade, saying Trump "deserves the lion's share of credit here." ... read more

Does it make sense to pay rent through a credit card?

Sachin, a resident of Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh who goes by only one name, started paying house rent using his credit card through Cred for the sake of convenience. He had for long been using the ... read more

A TikTok star paid off $17,000 in credit card debt by 'cash stuffing' — here's how it could get your finances on track

Lily W., a 22-year-old nurse who goes by @lilyrnbudgets on TikTok, says she’s managed to pay off $17,000 in credit card debt since she started “cash stuffing” her income in 2019. While Lily — who ... read more

Female scientists less likely to get credit in all fields and at every level, research finds

Women in science are less likely to receive authorship credit for the work they do than their male counterparts, a new analysis has revealed. Women are less likely than men to get credit at every ... read more

Trump says God made US abortion decision, then takes credit himself

Trump appointed three conservative justices to the US Supreme Court while in office. Read more at read more

Rising interest rates mean it’s time to knock out your credit card debt

Credit card debt can be difficult to manage even in the best of times, but increasingly high interest rates are adding to that challenge. read more

How Embedded Finance Startups Can Help Unlock Fast & Tailored MSME Credit

Despite being the bastion of economy, the MSME sector is credit-starved, with the current addressable credit gap estimated to be at $397 Bn. read more

Crypto billionaire doles out credit lines to stem contagion in industry

Fried, the 30-year-old who co-founded digital-asset exchange FTX Trading, is trying to bail out the crypto market. Read more at read more

Need budgeting or debt assistance as inflation rages? Credit counsellors can help

With inflation sending the cost of living soaring, it shouldn’t be a surprise that calls to credit counsellors are rising too. “The common theme is that people aren’t sure what to do. The pandemic and ... read more

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