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The Wealth Machine That Rising Interest Rates Create And The Conflict With The National Debt

Detailed analysis of how the Fed raising interest rates can radically increase the power of compound interest to create wealth for savers and ... While the sources of information and the calculations ... read more

Aaron Pickert: Investing early in life is crucial

Einstein referred to the law of compound interest as the eighth wonder ... That doesn’t help create value in our abundant world. The rule of 72 tells you roughly calculate how long an investment dolla... read more

Wasting the Lehman Crisis: What Was Not Saved Was the Economy

A basic principle should be the starting point of any macro analysis: The volume of interest-bearing debt tends to outstrip the economy’s ability to pay. This tendency is inherent in the “magic of com... read more

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How women can better prepare for retirement

Here are five ways women can become more proactive about creating a healthy retirement stash ... If you begin saving in your 20s, your money has a good 40 years for compound interest to work its magic ... read more

Brace yourself: This is how much America’s 1% has saved

The most common advice is to start saving early and often to benefit from compound interest ... at a time when the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, making it more difficult to buy a home, bu... read more

My College Student Racked Up Credit Card Debt. Now What?

It's also important that your child understands compound interest. Hop online and use ... your kid can't get out of debt if he or she keeps creating it. Once your kid is out of debt, re-evaluate ... read more

Increasing The National Debt By $6 Trillion In One Committee Meeting

There is a proportionate increase for the investor wealth that can be created by compound interest in 30 ... has a nonlinear risk when it comes to interest rate increases and seemingly trivial changes ... read more

The Fed’s Inflated Reputation

The Fed manipulates the money supply with artificially low interest rates to create inflation. This policy enables ... But interest is a cost that is important to sound business calculations; a sound ... read more

42 Important Financial Terms You Should Know

CDs are FDIC insured and provide interest on the investor’s money that is locked in for a certain term (usually three months to six years). 15. Compound ... and try to create gains for the investors. ... read more

Cannabis Stocks Had A Roller Coaster Of A Week

Analysts point to major beverage makers' interest in the industry — and investors' hopes ... BATTLEY: And it's changing a lot of things. It's creating new opportunities, and it's causing a rapid chang... read more

Fujitsu develops molecular simulation technology to effectively create new drug candidates

Molecular simulation technology has been widely used in the past as a method of predicting binding affinity, calculating ... interest is IT-based drug discovery, a new drug discovery method using comp... read more

Increasing The National Debt By $6 Trillion In One Committee Meeting

The first is that for long-term savers and investors, that one 0.25% additional increase will be producing more annual compound interest ... risk when it comes to interest rate increases, and seemingl... read more

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