Examples of 'corollary' in a sentence

We welcome feedback: report an example sentence to the Collins team. Read more… There is an obvious corollary to this. The movement from agricultural areas to urban ones has had as a logical corollary ... read more

Financial turmoil could end up doing rate-setters’ job for them

Central bankers have been at pains to stress that they can maintain a neat dividing line between actions taken to quell inflation, and those to fix turmoil in the banking system. So much so that the ... read more

The Caveman Corollary

Yet my wife reminded me of a truth that her dad likes to lean on, his “Caveman Corollary” that every project takes at least twice as long, and if you’re lucky, only costs twice as much as ... read more

How Smart People Can Stop Being Miserable

Click here to listen to his podcast series on all things happiness, How to Build a Happy Life. “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know,” an unnamed character casually remarks in ... read more

Corollary discharge across the animal kingdom

One such means is provided by corollary discharge (CD), a movement-command copy that is routed to sensory structures. Many different types of CD have evolved, and each is suited to the motor ... read more

John Wick: Chapter 4 review - This movie has some great fight sequences, writes BRIAN VINER

Chapter 4 can't afford a running-time of well over two and a half hours. All that said, there are some extraordinary fight sequences, leavened with cherishable wit. read more

French translation of 'corollary'

The movement from agricultural areas to urban ones has had as a logical corollary the growth of the urban population. The corollary to this obvious fact is that the only way to keep things moving so ... read more

Levelling the playing field and more

Protectionism is one such freebie. Compensating influential exporters to mitigate the disincentive effects of such protection is a corollary. Bailing all of them out of the consequences from their own ... read more

Finance Bill 2023 Amendment: Debt funds proposed to be taxed at par with FDs

Currently, one of the biggest reasons for investing in debt funds is the tax advantage they offer over fixed deposits. read more

Post-Brexit UK should pursue short-selling reforms to boost markets

The UK has made a welcome move to remove any unnecessary burdens that result from often ill-considered EU regulation and design a short-selling regime that helps deliver strong and sustainable growth. read more

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