Examples of 'corollary' in a sentence

We welcome feedback: report an example sentence to the Collins team. Read more… There is an obvious corollary to this. The movement from agricultural areas to urban ones has had as a logical corollary ... read more

French translation of 'corollary'

The movement from agricultural areas to urban ones has had as a logical corollary the growth of the urban population. The corollary to this obvious fact is that the only way to keep things moving so ... read more

Corollary #1

Answers that the Captain is willing to give… to the highest bidder, of course. This is COROLLARY - a four-issue bombastic sci-fi romp. read more

The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

Raj, Sheldon'dan çizgi roman dükkanında yapılacak olan bir kart yarışması için ekip olmak ister. Bu arada Howard, Leonard ile eskiden yaptıkları bir anlaşmayı hatırlar. Eğer ikisinde biri bir kız ... read more

A Corollary on Corollas

Last month, Gerard explained why the car he liked best was not one of several red-blooded sports saloons he had lusted after, but a kindly twin-cam Corolla. This month he considers how Corollas ... read more

Corollary Wines Purchases 57 Acres in Eola-Amity Hills to Develop Oregon’s First Property Dedicated Exclusively to Sparkling Wines

(July 27, 2022) – Corollary Wines, known for producing distinctive traditional method sparkling wines in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, has purchased 57 acres in Eola-Amity Hills where they will develop ... read more

Corollary Wines buys Eola-Amity Hills site for estate vineyard

Sparkling wine specialists Jeanne Feldkamp and Dan Diephouse of Corollary Wines in Dayton have big news: They just purchased land for an estate vineyard. The Eola-Amity Hills site will be ... read more

The roosevelt corollary quizlet chapter 19

COVID-19 vaccination (Photo: VNA) Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam logged an additional 1,761 COVID-19 cases on July 27, according to the Ministry of Health. The new cases brought the country’s total number of ... read more

Fixing SA: A corollary to JKB’s ideas

The reason why I’m writing this is not to deviate from what he has already written, but rather to add to it. A corollary of sorts. First, the ANC believes in the balance of forces. Intended policies ... read more

Fatalities related to intimate partner violence: towards a comprehensive perspective

These included intimate partner homicides, corollary deaths, homicide-suicides, single suicides and legal intervention deaths. We used the existing IPV variable in VDRS, linked deaths from the same ... read more

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