Examples of 'corollary' in a sentence

We welcome feedback: report an example sentence to the Collins team. Read more… There is an obvious corollary to this. The movement from agricultural areas to urban ones has had as a logical corollary ... read more

Roosevelt Corollary

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Corollary and Spin-Off

Corollary and Spin-Off are two new carpet patterns created in collaboration with designer Jhane Barnes. Both use the geometric concept of space-filling fractals, which are patterns that can be ... read more

Corollary #2

After some body sharing bickering, the sisters call their parents' captor. They are tired of lying to the galaxy about their Twin Survival Miracle story and only want their mothers back home and the ... read more

Empire, Public Goods, and the Roosevelt Corollary

The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine marked a turning point in American foreign policy. In 1904, President Roosevelt announced that, not only were European powers not welcome in the Americas ... read more

Credit for TDS is available in the year in which income is reported

A combined reading of Section 199(3) r.w. Rule 37BA(3) makes the position of law clear that credit for TDS is available in the year in which the income is reported and as a corollary, should not be ... read more

Corollary Signing with Adam Rose Culver City

The Comic Bug (Culver City, CA), 4267 Overland Ave,Culver City,CA,United States, Culver City, United States (view on map) ... read more

Fixing SA: A corollary to JKB’s ideas

The reason why I’m writing this is not to deviate from what he has already written, but rather to add to it. A corollary of sorts. First, the ANC believes in the balance of forces. Intended policies ... read more

Fatalities related to intimate partner violence: towards a comprehensive perspective

These included intimate partner homicides, corollary deaths, homicide-suicides, single suicides and legal intervention deaths. We used the existing IPV variable in VDRS, linked deaths from the same ... read more

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