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Converting Binary Numbers To Hex

These examples are interesting in T-SQL to solve. There are two ways to represent data in binary in T-SQL: string or numeric. Numeric is a large, long string essentially, as our conversion would need ... read more

vbScript - Convert Integer to Binary String

One glaring omission is a function to format numbers (integers) as binary. Fortunately the process is straightforward. If we first convert the number to e hexadecimal string we can then convert each ... read more

Converting Between Binary, Decimal, Octal & Hexadecimal Numbers

Our quiz and worksheet is a helpful way to test your knowledge of converting between decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary numbers. Here you'll answer questions about the base that's used if the ... read more

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Binary Conversion - Converting Binary to Decimal

decimal to binary and binary to hex in this particular section. We alluded to this in the first section, but we will review of parts of it again. It is important to be able to convert binary numbers ... read more

How to convert an ASCII char to a 'binary' string representation in C

output[digits] = '\0'; } This version will let you convert binary, octal or hex numbers, as long as you feed it the appropriate parameter. So you can do a ternary conversion, or, possibly more ... read more

Use Windows Calculator to convert Decimal to Binary

To be able to use to use Windows Calculator to convert Decimal to Binary ... You will see Hex (Hexadecimal), Dec (Decimal), Oct (Octal) and Bin (Binary) radio buttons. These are used for converting ... read more

Easily Convert Decimal Numbers To Their Binary And BCD Formats

This shifted number is then masked or "ANDed" with the hex value of I. Each of these bits is added to the array via their associated pointers. The binary conversion function has an index of 0 to 18, ... read more

Converting hex to 8 bit binary

I'm trying to figure out how to convert a hex number (that I read in from a file) to an 8 bit binary number. At the minute I'm converting the number from Hex to decimal to binary (which probably isn't ... read more

EZ conversions on Unix

Converting numbers from decimal to binary to hex to decimal to hex to binary back to decimal might cause some people to, if not pull out their hair, pull up a calculator on their desktops, but Unix ... read more

TSQL Challenge 51 - Convert long Binary strings to Decimal strings

TSQL Challenge 40 challenged you to a query that converts binary values into hexadecimal format ... that the solution will have to perform calculations on very large decimal numbers (over 600 digits) ... read more

Octal and Hexadecimal to Decimal Conversion

Although the prime intent of octal and hexadecimal numeration systems is for the “shorthand” representation of binary numbers in digital electronics, we sometimes have the need to convert from either ... read more

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