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Converting Binary Numbers To Hex

These examples are interesting in T-SQL to solve. There are two ways to represent data in binary in T-SQL: string or numeric. Numeric is a large, long string essentially, as our conversion would need ... read more

Converting Between Binary, Decimal, Octal & Hexadecimal Numbers

Our quiz and worksheet is a helpful way to test your knowledge of converting between decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary numbers. Here you'll answer questions about the base that's used if the lett... read more

binary coded decimal

We want a way to pack the numbers ... just add 30 hex to each digit and you are done. That’s awful for storage space, though, since we can store 999 in 10 bits if it were binary and now we ... read more

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Converting a Raw Binary File Into an ELF/Dwarf File

Most debug tools and flashers are able to deal (raw) binary (see S-Record, Intel Hex, and Binary Files). But GDB and/or the P&E GDB server really needs an ELF/Dwarf file, which usually has all the deb... read more

Build a Binary Converter Android App with Kotlin

A Binary Converter lets users to convert ... previously converted String in Binary format : Binary Converter is an efficient tool helping you to convert, calculate and translate ASCII texts and number... read more

Converting Binary data to a Hex Character String

Occassionally you might want to convert a binary number into some printable string. This would allow you display some meaning fully numbers hex characters, instead of just some unreadable garbage. Thi... read more

Binary Challenge ™

Binary Challenge ™ drives you to convert binary (and hexadecimal) numbers to the decimal system by mental math faster and faster. Dive into the meditative “deep space” atmosphere to enhance your conce... read more

New Prime Number Record: 50th Mersenne Prime

You can convert a binary number to hexadecimal (base 16) by starting at the right end and converting blocks of 4 bits into hexadecimal. For example, to convert 101101111 to hex, we break it into three ... read more

Binarycalc - Binary Calculator

Input of all number systems from binary system to hexadecimal system. Conversion of these number systems into one other and even up to the Base 36 numeral system. Addition, subtraction, multiplication ... read more

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