What you need to know about content marketing platforms

There’s no doubt the appetite for content has never been healthier. In 2021, the global content marketing industry was estimated to be worth US$66 billion in revenue, growing to US$76 billion this ... read more

4 Reasons Why Personalization Is Key In Content Marketing

Content marketing strategy is constantly evolving. With over 4.62 billion consumers dominating the social scene, both post-pandemic platform trends and changing user attitudes are transforming the ... read more

11 Retail Content Marketing Trends To Inspire Your Next Campaign

Are you planning retail content marketing for your next campaign? Take a look at these 11 trends for your brand. read more

Top 9 Specialists of Online Content Marketing Services Every Business Owner Should Know About

In today’s competitive and overly digitized world, businesses are increasingly becoming compelled to leverage different marketing platforms and methods to maintain a competitive edge. And one such ... read more

Content Marketing: Why It Matters

Content marketing is an effective way to drive conversions without being pushy or salesy. By providing valuable information to your target audience, you can build trust and relationships with them. read more

Inconsistency is a Content Marketing Poison, But It Doesn't Have to Be

Why is inconsistency such a content marketing poison and what can your business do about it? Why inconsistency Is such a problem. We all know that content marketing is valuable. I ... read more

How to Create Powerful Content Marketing Strategies

A lack of effective content marketing can hurt your business in more ways than one. Statistically speaking, 60 percent of successful businesses owe their success to proper content marketing strategies ... read more

Why Storytelling is Key to Content Marketing Success Today

Each of my highest rated posts on LinkedIn have one thing in common. I shared a story in them. I used storytelling to connect with my network. I stood out because I wasn’t afraid to be a real pe ... read more

JPMorgan Chase's CMO lays out how she's using content marketing to win on Wall Street

JPMorgan Chase CMO Carla Hassan describes how the bank is going beyond traditional content marketing to get a competitive edge. read more

Kennected CMO Stephen Twomey Speaks On Content Marketing & SEO

Kennected with its intuitive tools like Cloud Kennect, Kennected Video, and Kennected Calendar is known to provide one of the most reliable automation solutions for lead generation. Even though the ... read more

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