Experts predict 'explosion' of deep fakes used in TV and film with 90% of online entertainment content being AI generated by 2025 – as critics and viewers pan ITV comedy that ...

Nina Schick has predicted an 'explosion' of artificial intelligence in content as we enter 'this new era of unbelievable entertainment' where even faces of dead actors could be cloned. read more

Egyptian content creators arrested over comic prison visit video

Detainees face charges such as ‘publishing false news and utilising social media accounts to commit acts of terrorism’. read more

You're Not Shadowbanned — Your Content Just Sucks. That's Why It's Time to Change Your Approach.

If you're anything like me, the phrase "I'm shadowbanned " keeps you up at night. It's like a bad dream that keeps recurring. Those sleepless nights are not due to the gravity of the client's ... read more

The New Face of Content Piracy: A Special Report

Variety Intelligence Platform’s special report “The New Face of Content Piracy” seeks to explore and demystify the complexities of this phenomenon. Despite its persistence and massive economic impact ... read more

Top Content Marketing Trends Every Agency Should Be Leveraging This Year

Trends in content marketing come and go, so what worked to capture eyeballs last year may not suffice this year. read more

Instagram got popular by favoring big brands over cool content — which is why it's now losing to TikTok

Instagram's algorithm favors top creators and influencers, whereas TikTok's algorithm favors the most interesting content. It's a catch-22. read more

Controversial AP African American studies course stripped of ‘woke’ content after criticism from Florida’s DOE

Following rejection from the Florida Department of Education and criticism from Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., The College Board purged its AP African studies course of woke content. read more

Sierra snowpack measurement shows above-average snow depth, water content

Wednesday’s Sierra snowpack measurement is giving a clearer picture of just how much last month's storms have helped. Interview with Andrew Schwartz of the Central Sierra Snow Lab. read more

Korean Content Streamer KOCOWA Adding Films And A ‘+’ To Its Previous TV Fare

Korean content streamer KOCOWA is adding feature films to its mix. To indicate the change, the streamer is adding a “+” to its name. More than 100 feature films are being added, ... read more

'As a whole Villa seem content to take their time and think more strategically'

Aston Villa’s squad redevelopment remains work in progress, and their measured approach over the last few weeks appears to be part of a longer-term policy. The room to follow that plan, rather than ... read more

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