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Big Banks May Lose $185B in AWOL Customers

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- The next year might be a particularly bad one for the nation's largest banks if they don't begin to address their customers' needs more aggressively. The 10 largest banks in t... read more

A final word on Marshall’s comments

NFL players are required to speak to the media once a week if asked. If they don’t, they can be fined. What we saw Thursday was Marshall doing the bare minimum in order to avoid a fine. (Just like how ... read more

Antivaxxer movement leader found to have acted unethically

There’s also no mention of his grave conflict of interest– at the time he published ... Because vaccines are so effective, people don’t remember these diseases and how they would kill, and now the ant... read more

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I Love You, Madame Librarian

Don’t you wish you could have something named after you? Like my distinct betters Einstein and Twain, I now am tempted to give up on people too. And, as some of you may know, this is not the first tim... read more

Congress pass health care reform after summer recess?

The Democrats will have to sober up, stick together and pass a health care bill. As far as the public option, we already have it: those who can't pay for health care don't and the "Public" has to make ... read more

Romney wades into Hawaii special election, raises $1.5 million for PAC

(Don't have a team? Don't worry. We can match you up with other people OR you can play on your own.) Prizes will be awarded to the winners, runners-up and the team with the best name -- as decided by ... read more

In the age of Donald Trump, vaccine policy is becoming politicized, with potentially deadly consequences

Then California passed SB 277, which eliminated nonmedical exemptions, and suddenly Texas is the new California. Don't believe me? Take a look at an article that was waiting for me in my in box yester... read more


Even a Cyber Alert Bulletin issued by an official arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security more than a year ago was not enough to phase Diebold. At least not enough to even inform their public ... read more

Shoestring Living: Be grateful every day

I mean, I’m a strive-for-perfection-can’t-handle-it-if-I-miss-the-mark gift buyer. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think others are good gift-buyers or that I expect them to put the same amount of thou... read more

Argentinian man's relatives battle over transfusion

The patient's wife, Romina Carnevale ... "In this case, the Supreme Court has chosen to give priority to the principle of free will," he said. The conflict has heated in Argentina, especially after th... read more

The Friday Line: The Best Speeches

Voters don't elect cheerleaders president. 3. Barack Obama (DNC): Obama approached his acceptance speech last Thursday night with almost impossibly high expectations; he was being touted as the greate... read more

Can Pope Francis make his vision a reality?

Popes trying to steer this colossus in a new direction, therefore, need middle managers as well as the rank and file to pull in the same direction, and experience suggests they don’t always fall ... a... read more

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