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Conditional WHERE Clauses and Boolean Algebra

Structured Query Language (SQL) is an implementation of some core concepts in computer science, set theory, and general mathematics. Having a foundation in where SQL comes from can lead to better and ... read more

Conditional Probability on $\Sigma$-Complete Boolean Algebras

Probability as measure on a Boolean algebra was presented by Kappos [5], but a treatment of conditional probability relative to a subalgebra is missing. The Stone space of a $\sigma$-complete Boolean ... read more

LAB 2.4: The WHERE Clause: Comparison and Logical Operators

This statement will only retrieve rows from the instructor table that satisfy this condition ... clause, comparison operators can be combined with the help of the logical operators AND and OR. These ... read more

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SQL Filter Query on FIFA Player Data

The WHERE clause ... of some condition. To filter query results in SQL, you can use AND, OR, and NOT. AND. TRUE if all of a set of comparisons are TRUE. OR. TRUE if either of a set of comparisons is ... read more

Sheaves and Conditional Sets

We show that a conditional set is a simple representation of a certain sheaf over a Boolean algebra. By constructing a category representing the conditional set operations, we verify that conditional ... read more

Yesterday's Google Doodle Celebrated The Genius Of Boolean Algebra

Yesterday's Google Doodle celebrated the 200th anniversary of George Boole's birth. We all have a lot to thanks Boole for, as he created the mathematics that underpins the logical operations of ... read more

Combining statement with conditional operators

that we can achieve using Conditional operator, Boolean “AND operator” and “OR operator” The OR operator can be used to join two or more conditions in the WHERE clause. However, either side of the OR ... read more

Selecting Rows: The WHERE Clause

as the not equal operator). Use the logical operators AND, OR, and NOT when you're dealing with more than one condition in a WHERE clause. The logical operators are also called Boolean operators. AND ... read more

Intro to Querying Neo4j Using OGM

A single filter is a conditional used to evaluate nodes or relationships to return as the results in a query, identical to a SQL WHERE clause. A filter is composed of a property name, a , and - if the ... read more

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