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Conditional WHERE Clauses and Boolean Algebra

Structured Query Language (SQL) is an implementation of some core concepts in computer science, set theory, and general mathematics. Having a foundation in where SQL comes from can lead to better and ... read more

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Intro to Truth Tables & Boolean Algebra

In other words, it’s an if-then statement where the converse is also true. The only way we can assert a conditional holds in both directions is if both p and q have the same truth value, meaning ... read more

LAB 2.4: The WHERE Clause: Comparison and Logical Operators

This statement will only retrieve rows from the instructor table that satisfy this condition ... clause, comparison operators can be combined with the help of the logical operators AND and OR. These ... read more

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Boolean Algebra

Hence, a very important programming concept is that of boolean algebra. A boolean expression is a true or ... computer to perform a different set of actions depending on whether a condition is true or ... read more

GATE CS: Eligibility Criteria, Exam Date, Syllabus

Mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Conditional probability and Bayes theorem. Computer Science and Information Technology Section 2: Digital Logic Boolean algebra. Combinational and sequential ... read more

Fine-tune WHERE clauses in SQL

When you add a WHERE clause to your SELECT statement in the form SELECT ALL FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE [some condition is true] you get to drill ... The keywords AND and OR, two of the infamous Boolean ... read more

Relational Algebra: the Underpinnings of SQL

returning those tuples for which the boolean value of the condition returns TRUE. In relational algebra, assuming Car = R1 and Boat = R2, the theta join may be represented as Just like in SQL, in ... read more

Using a SAS WHERE Clause for Selection Criteria

the interface view engine connects the conditions with the Boolean operator AND. By default, the SAS WHERE clause conditions are connected before the view WHERE clause conditions. For example, if a ... read more

Selecting Rows: The WHERE Clause

as the not equal operator). Use the logical operators AND, OR, and NOT when you're dealing with more than one condition in a WHERE clause. The logical operators are also called Boolean operators. AND ... read more

T-SQL Programming Part 5 - Using the CASE Function

n ] [ ELSE else_result_expression ] END And the "Searched Format" looks like this: CASE WHEN Boolean_expression THEN ... Also, each WHEN clause contains two different conditions. One condition to ... read more

Converting Truth Tables into Boolean Expressions

Here, Boolean algebra proves its utility in a most dramatic way ... to be failed in the same manner—a highly improbable scenario—for this dangerous condition to occur. Thus, our truth table would look ... read more

Technologies of humility

It is the condition that poses cruel dilemmas for decision-makers ... that frames the future in terms of determinate choices between knowable options. Boolean algebra and digital logics are not only ... read more

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