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Conditional WHERE Clauses and Boolean Algebra

Structured Query Language (SQL) is an implementation of some core concepts in computer science, set theory, and general mathematics. Having a foundation in where SQL comes from can lead to better and ... read more

Hibernate: @Where Clause

Let’s consider how we can decorate an entity with the @Where annotation to avoid extra condition ... (clause = "isDeleted='false'") public class Customer { @Id @GeneratedValue @Column private Integer ... read more

Intro to Truth Tables & Boolean Algebra

Boolean Algebra is a branch of algebra that involves bools ... The only way we can assert a conditional holds in both directions is if both p and q have the same truth value, meaning they’re both True ... read more

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LAB 2.4: The WHERE Clause: Comparison and Logical Operators

This statement will only retrieve rows from the instructor table that satisfy this condition ... clause, comparison operators can be combined with the help of the logical operators AND and OR. These l... read more

Today's Google Doodle Celebrates the Genius of Boolean Algebra

Boolean algebra, as its become known, is the branch of mathematics that operates on values of true or false — usually written as 1 or 0 —to process logical statements. In turn, it’s possible to create ... read more

GATE CS: Eligibility Criteria, Exam Date, Syllabus

Mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Conditional probability and Bayes theorem. Computer Science and Information Technology Section 2: Digital Logic Boolean algebra. Combinational and sequential ... read more

Conditionals in Python

An If statement consists of a series of If, elif, else clauses. Every clause except else consists of a condition (a Boolean expression) and a sequence of statements. Based on the evaluation of the con... read more

Predictive Analytics for Human Capital: Think Outside the Lines

For example, a powerful engine is a necessary condition for a fast car ... It is based on George Boole’s boolean algebra, a fundamental pillar of modern technology. Boole developed algebraic rules for ... read more

Selecting Rows: The WHERE Clause

as the not equal operator). Use the logical operators AND, OR, and NOT when you're dealing with more than one condition in a WHERE clause. The logical operators are also called Boolean operators. AND ... read more

SQL Joins (In Postgres)

As a result, back in the early eighties, the only way to express a join condition between tables would be in the WHERE clause. In that query ... given a user specification of desired data as a boolean ... read more

Twenty tips to write a good stored procedure

WHERE clauses - In a WHERE clause, the various operators used directly affect how fast a query can run. Here are the conditional operators used in ... EXISTS returns Boolean(Yes/No) but IN returns all ... read more

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