Computer Vision Is Primed For Business Value

Servian founder launches Video Intelligence Platform 'VisualCortex'

Technology entrepreneur, Tony Nicol, launches video analytics start-up VisualCortex, making video insights accessible, actionable and valuable for all video-rich industries and ... read more

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) In Computer Vision Market To Collect Hugh Revenues Due To Growth In Demand by 2030

In Computer Vision Market. The report identifies trends and emerging opportunities in this market for the business needs. Estimations about the rise or fall of the CAGR value for a specific ... read more

The best free software for your PC

The best free PC software programs aren’t ... Snag it, then read PCWorld’s Audacity primer to wrap your head around the basics. Is it worth it to upgrade to a paid version? read more

3 Value Stocks Primed for Buying!

In other words, there are plenty of value stocks primed for buying right now ... In addition to Rogers’s core subscription business, the company also boasts an impressive media arm that includes ... read more

Cyberattacks and Your Small Business: A Primer for Cybersecurity

Couple that with the costs associated with implementing proper defenses, and you have a situation primed for intrusions. Since security breaches can be devastating to small businesses, owners are ... read more

Get Primed For A Level Set: Three Lessons On Audio Marketing

Like any evolving medium, audio consumption is primed for a level set ... It’s inconvenient to users who don’t see the value. The future of podcasting is in its accessibility to audiences ... read more

Electrical and Computer Engineering

They design control and communication systems, sensors, displays, learning machines, robots, instruments, voice recognition, computer vision, electronics, motors, power systems, the internet of things ... read more

Best business laptops 2022

And this "tablet" packs a full laptop's worth of hardware inside. Throw in a pen, kickstand, and a terrific-looking display, and you have an incredibly versatile business machine. The latest ... read more

AVEO Pharmaceuticals Is Primed For A Breakout

Biotechs can be a tough sector to play correctly as many lose value very quickly ... in the stock market when I was in grad school for Computer Science in 2008/2009. Stocks had dropped so far ... read more

Is The U.S. Doing Enough To Keep American Businesses Safe From Cybercrime?

Business, government and private industries ... Secure Your Network: This is a primer from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team with tips on securing your network. read more

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