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Childhood Cancer Survivors Face High Risk Of Hormonerelated Disorders - Latest News

Up to half of childhood cancer survivors will develop hormone disorders

It's estimated that by 2020, there will be half a million childhood cancer survivors in the United States. These survivors face a greater risk ... "Childhood cancer survivors have a high risk of devel... read more

Preemies face increased risk of death in early adulthood, Stanford study finds

But for preemies who survive that first year, does the risk persist ... neurologic disorders, cancer or injury. The findings are part of a larger trend in pediatric medicine: As care for fragile infan... read more

What’s the Connection Between Bone Density and Breast Cancer?

These fractures can cause pain and disability, and it’s estimated that more than 53 million people in the United States already have or are at high risk for osteoporosis ... and to treat other hormone ... read more

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Families of ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’ Victims Still Struggling

Masumura’s son is disabled from a brain disorder ... of survivors of the explosion. But those born after 1945 point to countless studies and reports by Japanese and U.S. research organisations that pr... read more

Phony Cancers and Self-Inflicted Acid Attacks: A National Outbreak of Munchausen’s?

I wouldn’t take that at face value, so to speak. There are probably deep-seated issues that she’s only barely aware of that made her resort to such drastic behavior rather than just seeking help. Q: I... read more

Radiation Risk to Children From Computed Tomography

Imaging studies that use ionizing radiation are an essential tool for the evaluation of many disorders of childhood ... has been demonstrated to increase the risk of cancer in individuals exposed to h... read more

Did Josef Mengele Alter This Survivor’s Genes?

In her 20s, Eva Kor had two miscarriages followed by two high-risk ... children would somehow be deformed, because nobody knew what the experiments were. The [Mengele survivors] also suffer from all d... read more

The Rise of Nuclear Fear-How We Learned to Fear the Radiation

X rays were commonly used to treat skin disorders or ... defects suffered by the children of the atomic bomb survivors, who had been exposed in utero . Now, in addition to cancer, nuclear fallout brou... read more

It's not just cancer! Radiation, genomic instability and heritable genetic damage

There have been a number of criticisms of the A-Bomb Lifespan Studies of cancer: it was a survivor ... using external risk factors, that chronic and acute exposures give comparable risks and finally d... read more

The effects of a single terrorist nuclear bomb

At the risk of repeating the vast literature ... some would take months to die. Cancer rates among the survivors would rise. Women would be more vulnerable than men—children and infants especially so. ... read more

According to Research Food Really Does “Go Down the Wrong Pipe” and it Can Be Serious…

This means a high risk of developing life threatening pneumonia ... According to research 50–75% of nursing home residents and 50–60% of head and neck cancer survivors can have dysphagia issues. 33% w... read more

Myriad Genetics' (MYGN) CEO Mark Capone on Q2 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

This dramatic difference in lifetime risk places patients along a continuum from below the general population risk to risks similar to that of high penetrance genes ... 155,000 metastatic breast cance... read more

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