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Charles Payne: Millennials Have Romanticized Idea Of Socialism - Latest News

Charles Payne: Millennials have 'romanticized' idea of socialism

Fox Business’ Charles Payne discussed his upcoming “Capitalism vs. Socialism” Town Hall on "The Todd Starnes Show," where he pontificated that a choice between the two monetary systems will be the ... read more

Capitalism, Socialism and the Future: Talking with Charles Payne of Fox Business Network

Peter Barry Chowka: What do you hope to achieve in FBN’s reports on socialism vs. capitalism this week and in the town hall event that you’re hosting? Charles Payne ... idea,” then they back away from ... read more

The Economy Is Due For Something Bad To Happen, But Don't Guess When And Don't Panic

I’m hosting a live town hall event on the battle of capitalism versus socialism ... of millennials as well, since they hold the key to the economic system that will guide America in the next century. ... read more

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"He's A Benedict Arnold": Watch Fox's Stacey Dash Blast Erick Erickson For His Anti-Trump Campaign

And yeah, if the Republican Party moves beyond us, we'll go elsewhere, no harm no foul, but we're committed to our ideas, not necessarily to a party. And if Donald Trump can't win because of it, well ... read more

Surge in millennials having dimples put in their cheeks

And their dimples have sparked a surge on millennials to have them artificially created - despite only being a temporary procedure. Dr Wright Jones, owner of Muse Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, said ... read more

So Unhappy

and capitalism is considered heartless as many romanticized the notion there is a form of socialism that could be nicer. Then last week something happened that, like the election four years ago, could ... read more

The Democrats Have a Millennials Problem

Does this mean millennials are experiencing some kind of libertarian awakening? While there's no definitive answer, Reason's Nick Gillespie and Emily Ekins have argued that the generation is still ... read more

WikiLeaks tweets then deletes link to text of new Trump book

Trump has called it a “Fake Book” and its author “totally discredited.” Aides have publicly rejected the book’s premise. Trump retweeted a parody cover of the book that the Republican Party had ... read more

How much sleep have YOU lost since having a baby? Fascinating calculator reveals how much shut-eye you've missed as a result of becoming a new parent

Night feeds, wailing infants and waking up with worry about their precious cargo can leave parents severely sleep-deprived but have you ever stopped to consider ... to give parents a rough idea of how ... read more

Libertarianism: The Choice of a New Generation in Politics (and Cable News)

The Pew Research Center, which does some of the best public-opinion research out there, came out yesterday with a new national presidential poll showing Hillary Clinton with 41 percent, Donald Trump ... read more

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