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Centuries After My Ancestors Left Kashmir My Ties With Its Food Are Unbroken - Latest News

Centuries after my ancestors left Kashmir, my ties with its food are unbroken

We had two categories of meals growing up in our Australian home. ‘Dinner’ could be neatly defined. Sausages and mashed potato. Roast lamb and its sequel – a shepherd’s pie prepared with the leftover ... read more

Presidential Politics, Jewish Voters and Self-Deception

Nobody hated the Jews more vehemently than those who resented the stain of their own ancestry. Left-wing antipathy for Jewish continuity has nothing to do with its supposed incompatibility ... “I have ... read more

So How Does an ATHEIST Explain the Resurrection Story?

I like Habermas’s starting point: “I am not basing my argument for Jesus’ resurrection on the inerrancy of the Bible or even on its general trustworthiness ... changes to the gospels in the centuries- ... read more

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Who owns Kashmir?

Two months after Partition, when India announced its tryst with destiny and Pakistan formed its cocoon Muslim state, Kashmir’s accession to India was neither smooth nor valid. Muslims in Jammu were gi... read more

Pathans in Kashmir Preserve Identity

The 83-year-old belongs to a small minority of Pathans settled in Indian-administered Kashmir who have maintained their distinct cultural and linguistic identity a century after their ancestors emigra... read more

Readers’ comments: On foreign policy, rest assured that Modi will do what is best for the nation

Ishita Sareen This is with regard to the piece on Kashmiri food by Sarina Kamini (“Centuries after my ancestors left Kashmir, my ties with its food are unbroken”). I am alarmed by this paragraph: It’s ... read more

Free Range on Food: The African roots of Southern cooking and more

After not making it for ... That's a fantastic question--and its really hard to answer. I think they all have their genetic markers LOL But that's why I make it very clear in my forthcoming book, The ... read more

Shabarimala Temple Entry: All Shudras Must Oppose NSS Manuvadam

The Brahmin men exploited the Nair women worse than the slave masters exploited the African American women for centuries. The Brahmin men procreated children in Sambandam and left ... Indus basin. Aft... read more

The wise tigress and a silly fool with a gun

They say he drew pictures of my ancestors ... many centuries ago and he wrote on stone that we should not be harmed. People obeyed his rules and left us alone to live happily in our forests. The fores... read more

The fertilized egg is not a human life

I let it pass and then I call her on it after she says it a couple more ... one that I use in my classes at UMM, and in this lecture (which you really should watch and listen to in its entirety, it’s ... read more

Arab origins

And he is not alone. Consequently, even after conversion, my ancestors, poor agriculturists, were looked down upon by the Arabs and even those who had converted earlier the same way as they were by th... read more

Excerpt: Get a Taste of Esmeralda Santiago's "Conquistadora"

“Now I know what my ancestors must have felt,” she said, “seeing land after ... left three thousand miles behind in Spain. She freed her arms from Ramón and Inocente and turned to where verdant hills ... read more

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