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Carolyn Hax: Will not inviting the surrogate to the baby shower make me a bad person?

I owe them an email and I am gripped with a sick, guilty feeling. I don't want her there. I feel as though having her ... The hosts are some of my best friends, I can be honest with them. But I feel ... read more

Carolyn Hax: This is how you handle the let-down when things don’t go as expected

Even hopes for tangible things are based only on your mind’s projections of how it will feel to achieve them. Experiences, though, have substance. You know what they are ... Then you can say to ... read more

Ask Carolyn Hax: I made this big move for maybe a stupid reason

DEAR CAROLYN: How do you know a big ... but I don’t get their references Ask Amy: I was attacked by a fake service dog Ask Carolyn Hax: I need a break from Facebook, but I don’t want to tell them why ... read more

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Ask Amy: We’re exhausted by this little boy’s demands for gifts

There are many online sources for meeting people, and so — just as you wouldn’t hang out at a head shop (in real life) to meet a guy — if you generally don’t match ... the shower Carolyn Hax: She ... read more

Carolyn Hax: Not ready to reveal my secret sexual assault even in post #metoo climate

Triggered By the News Hax: Good steward. Take your break from news and social ... I'll say it to them on behalf of all of those who aren't ready to speak up: Thank you. To emphasize a point: Don't ... read more

Carolyn Hax: Her husband keeps asking how I stayed slim while pregnant in front of not-so-trim expecting wife

Dear Carolyn: I had a baby six months ... and do I say it in front of her or privately? I don't just want him to stop asking ME for advice, I want him to stop shaming her altogether. -- Complicit in ... read more

Carolyn Hax: He said ‘I don’t’ to her but is now saying ‘I do’ to someone else

(Yes, we can love people we don’t want to marry.) Then, whaddaya know ... I can’t give, so breaking up is for the best.” He’s being punitive and irrational. So, green flag: Hit the gas and go. Write ... read more

Carolyn Hax: My fiance’s divorced parents hate each other, and they’re both coming to our wedding. Help!

I don’t ... know his parents will behave badly around each other. So allow for that in your assurances: "Yes, your parents might not get along. But it will be OK, because we will be OK." You can also ... read more

Carolyn Hax: Fiance's divorced parents hate each other, and they're both coming to wedding

Don't invalidate your fiance's fears; for all you know his parents will behave ... Congratulations and good luck. Email Carolyn at, follow her on Facebook at ... read more

Carolyn Hax: I don’t know how to break this bad news to them

DEAR CAROLYN: I’ve recently gotten a bad diagnosis. My doctors and husband are taking great care of me, but I have not shared this news with my adult children or my elderly mom. It grieves me that I ... read more

Carolyn Hax: It’s okay to keep your #MeToo to yourself

I am going to see a counselor for the first time in many years, but I think I need to take a break from both the news ... them on behalf of all of those who aren’t ready to speak up: Thank you. — ... read more

Carolyn Hax Live: 'Roll this log over'

Advice columnist Carolyn Hax will be online ... and girlfriend don’t even know he exists. When I moved here I was too ashamed to admit that I had a brother in prison so I just never talked about him. ... read more

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