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Fruits not forbidden for diabetics but...

However, medical experts suggest that fruits are not forbidden for diabetics if you make the right choices. These are low-carb and low-Glycemic Index (GI) fruits, which are good for your diabetes ... ... read more

Yes, you can be keto AND eat chocolate cookies with this extremely easy recipe

It just means doing a little experimentation. “Once you’re clear on the ingredients that work, it’s a matter of balancing something a little too high in carbs and low in fat, like cocoa powder, with ... read more

Tips For A Flat Stomach: Lose Belly Fat Without Depriving Yourself Of Food

Anything that grows out of the soil is a good way to start ... that offers a healthy mix of carbs, fat, and protein. 4. Don’t drink your calories. Drinking your calories runs the risk of taking in ... read more

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This one-pot recipe has a grain-bowl vibe that’s just right for accessorizing

Chances are good that if you peek ... along with any add-in ingredient you have on hand. Cut the lime into wedges. Top each portion with a dollop of sour cream and serve with the lime wedges. ... read more

To follow a heart healthy diet, should you chose low fat or low carb?

Last year: Eggs are bad for you because of cholesterol. This year: Eggs are good, and the amount ... two kinds of diets: low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets (championed by Dean Ornish, MD) compared to ... read more

You Can Follow a Low-Carb Diet Without Blowing Your Grocery Budget — Here's How

While it's not uncommon for fresh, whole foods to take a toll on your weekly grocery bill, you shouldn't allow the costs of following a low-carb diet to drive you ... how you're going to use it, there ... read more

What’s better for you: a low-fat or low-carb diet? Scientists have an answer

Low-fat diets? Or low-carb diets ... definitely love it over just being told "hey you have this many grams of this, this and this to eat by the end of the day". Follow @rpstrength and tag a friend for ... read more

If You're on a Low-Carb Diet to Lose Weight, This Breakfast Food Is One of the "Good" Carbs

Complex carbs like sweet potato, quinoa, lentils, and whole grains are considered "good" because they are rich in gut-friendly ... 25 percent protein, and 20 percent fat. (If you're trying to lose fat ... read more

What Are Macros and How Do You Count Them?

At this point, there’s a good chance that you’ve ... goer following a 1600-calorie diet, you want about 40 percent of your calories to be from carbs, 30 percent to be from protein, and 30 percent to ... read more

Sorting the Fat from Fiction: Here’s How Many Calories are in Avocados

This can help to keep you “regular” and prevent hunger pangs.’ Plus, about 25% of the fibre in an avocado is soluble – great for feeding your gut’s ‘good’ bacteria ... ‘There is carbs, protein, fat, ... read more

The Macronutrient You Should Be Eating More of to Build Muscle (Hint: It's Not Protein)

"Carbs give us energy, and the more energy we have, the more we can push to have stronger workouts and have a better chance of increased muscle mass," Jim told POPSUGAR. Have you ever gone on ... and ... read more

Low-Carb/Ketogenic Diets and Exercise Performance

Yet for lower-intensity exercise, a low-carb diet can match a conventional high-carb diet and even help you use more fat as fuel (). Bottom Line: Low-carb and ketogenic diets do not seem to benefit ... read more

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