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Lung cancer warning: The one skin rash you should never ignore - are you at risk?

Other lung cancer symptoms include having a cough that won’t go away, having a hoarse throat, or feeling short of breath. You should speak to a doctor if you’re worried about the signs or symptoms of ... read more

5 Infertility Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

The general rule if you're under 35 is to try to conceive for one year before seeing a fertility specialist. But if you have any of these 5 symptoms, you shouldn't ... don't get your period regularly, ... read more

Four urogenital symptoms men should never ignore

Nonetheless, priapism is a serious condition that must never be ignored. You have rapidly progressing ... malignancy such as bladder cancer. Other bladder cancer symptoms to be aware of include ... read more

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7 Signs Of Colon Cancer You Should Never Ignore

This is the top symptom, and one that should ... mind you may need to advocate for more extensive testing, says Anjee Davis, president of the nonprofit initiative Fight Colorectal Cancer. “The ... read more

13 signs you should go to the doctor

INSIDER spoke with medical experts about what signs and symptoms you should never ignore. Of course ... Having a hard time swallowing is the most common sign of esophageal cancer. "Painful swallowing ... read more

30 Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

You won’t always get a lump or a bump with cancer. The signs can be much less obvious—and they could point to other health issues as well. It’s key to discuss any of the following symptoms with your ... read more

The Colon Cancer Symptoms Young Men Should Never Ignore

No way…colon cancer ... you should speak to your doctor include: Change in bowel habits – such as new onset constipation of diarrhea Blood in the stool Abdominal pain Unexplained weight loss Although ... read more

World Cancer Day: Here are symptoms of cancer that one should never ignore

But what is more important is having knowledge and awareness about various symptoms ... is not cancer, it needs to be checked as persistent coughing can be due to lung cancer. Checkup with your doctor ... read more

Cancer symptoms: Why you should never ignore this feeling in your chest

Symptoms of cancer depend on the type of cancer in question, although some do overlap, and some can be similar to the symptoms of non-cancerous conditions. Some symptoms of cancer may seem obvious, ... read more

30 Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Belmont beats Temple 81-70 for first NCAA Tournament win Cancer comes in many shapes A lump in the front of the neck Yellowing skin Noticeable changes in a wart or mole Persistent stomach or abdominal ... read more

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