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Cancer Prevention Group Flags Holes In South Dakota Laws: This Is About Saving Lives - Latest News

You can't resolve away climate change

Climate change deniers in both Utah and South Dakota have passed resolutions essentially condemning the science and reality of climate change. In Utah it was just a broadside at the science; in South ... read more

Selling insurance across state lines: A terrible, no good, very bad health-care idea

You can read Janklow's recollections of the pact here. Citibank wrote an absurdly pro-credit card law, the legislature passed it, and soon all the credit card companies were heading to South Dakota. A... read more

A tale of two unnecessarily doomed aboriginal girls with leukemia

I'm depressed and angry as I write this. The reason for this is simple. I hate it when cancer quacks claim the lives of patients with cancer, particularly patients who were eminently treatable for cur... read more

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Rise of the machines: Autopen puts bill into law, and touches off debate

Despite what we learned in school, the president doesn’t actually have to sign a bill before it becomes a law. An automatic pen perhaps can ... if the president is hospitalized and not fully alert, ca... read more

Park board OK's La Crosse Center encroachment in Riverside Park

The design elements would be subject to city approval and La Crosse Center Board chairman Brent Smith said the group will continue to take feedback. “This is a concept. If it’s approved and the design ... read more

A dangerous job that gave life to a town: A look back at the Anaconda Smelter

Anaconda's smelter was a lifeline to immigrants and the lifeblood of a town that depended on the jobs it provided — even as the toxins it produced shortened some workers' lives. The smelter ... the An... read more

Hazim's Philadelphia neighborhood


To the Bitter End: The 9 States Where Marijuana Will Be Legalized Last [FEATURE]

Even if Congress were to repeal federal pot prohibition, state laws criminalizing the plant and its users would ... California, where one out of every eight Americans lives, is very likely to go green ... read more

Our Second Annual Summer Reading Contest for Students

Update | July 29: The contest has now ended. To see our four winners, one each week of July, please visit this page. Thank you to all who participated! In 2010 we ran a summer reading challenge for st... read more

The Torcetrapib Catastrophe

The story broke on Saturday: the 15,000-patient trial that was underway (half on Lipitor, half on Lipitor plus torcetrapib) showed excess deaths in the combination group (82 versus 51 ... they now hav... read more

THIS is why we invest in science. This.

There is no way you could’ve predicted beforehand that investing in NASA would have led to the creation of this specific innovation in life-saving technology ... far-ranging and critical benefits to o... read more

La Crosse Tribune editorial board: Find compromise to move, preserve 'Hiawatha' statue

Since 1961, the “Hiawatha” statue has stood where three rivers meet at Riverside Park in La Crosse. To some, the 25-foot statue created by a local artist is a symbol of our Native American legacy. To ... read more

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