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Cancer: New Compound Boosts Chemo Prevents Treatment Resistance - Latest News

Cancer: New compound boosts chemo, prevents treatment resistance

Researchers may have found a way to stop cancer cells from defending themselves against chemotherapy. In a new mouse study, blocking a DNA repair pathway prevented cancer cells from surviving or ... read more

New breakthrough cancer treatments

In the latest announcement, the scientists say they have found a way to prevent cancer and protect people with chemotherapy ... from becoming treatment-resistant. In the new study, they screened ... read more

Drug makes tumors more susceptible to chemo

Researchers have discovered a potential drug compound that can block a mutagenic DNA repair pathway that helps cancer ... to chemo: Compound that knocks out a DNA repair pathway enhances cisplatin ... read more

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Can a new lotion make chemotherapy cold caps work even better?

For anyone having chemotherapy to treat cancer, hair loss can be one of the most distressing side-effects of the treatment. Indeed, one in 12 patients — men and women — refuses chemotherapy because of ... read more

Cantrixil Highly Successful in Preventing Growth of Chemo-Resistant Ovarian Cancer

Lead Investigator, Gil Mor MD PhD, said, "This animal data shows that it is possible with a drug that targets the chemo-resistant ovarian cancer stem cells to prevent ... entirely new level of ... read more

Parkinson's: New gene therapy shows promise for prevention

Find out how doctors diagnose Parkinson’s. Read now Cancer: New compound boosts chemo, prevents treatment resistance A new study in mice finds a compound that boosts the effectiveness of the ... read more

Cancer Research News: A Weekly Roundup of New Developments in Cancer Research and Treatment

Any of it may matter to you and your family as you navigate through the cancer journey. We do our best to keep you up-to-date with a weekly roundup of some of the most significant cancer news. Here’s ... read more

Genetic targets to chemo-resistant breast cancer identified

Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, has identified potential targets for treatment of triple negative ... is associated with the development of chemotherapy resistance. The increased action of these ... read more

Invion cancer drug treatment boost

Junior cancer drug ... the initiation of new clinical trials, particularly for solid tumours that are resistant to chemotherapy,” Dr Stephens said. Invion also confirmed that it expected to start ... read more

Vitamins and Supplements for Cancer Patients

What should you know about vitamins and supplements for cancer patients ... extracts you may hear about to help boost the immune system. Vitamin D is one of the most studied supplements for cancer ... read more

Cranberries may improve chemotherapy for ovarian cancer

Compounds in cranberries may help improve ... Disease Control and Prevention. Chemotherapy using platinum drugs, including cisplatin and paraplatin, is a mainstay treatment for ovarian cancer. However ... read more

New chemical technology boosts potency of targeted cancer therapy

Such rapid and extensive degradation suggests that conjugates may be able to prevent or hinder cancer cells from developing resistance to targeted ... (2015, May 21). New chemical technology boosts ... read more

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