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Canada Ranks 15th As New Global Index Exposes Gaps In Health Wealth - Latest News

Canada ranks 15th as new global index exposes gaps in ‘health wealth’

TORONTO – Thousands of children around the world continue to die every day after falling through the cracks due to the gap between the “health rich” and “health poor,” according to a new report. Relea... read more

Inequality dents U.S. rank in U.N. development index

Canada, which was sixth in the overall human development index, was 12th in the inequality-adjusted measure. South Korea, 15th overall ... at the country level in much of the world though gaps in heal... read more

What the world can learn about equality from the Nordic model

Nordic countries show that major egalitarian reforms and substantial welfare states are possible within prosperous capitalist countries that are highly engaged in global ... happiness index, Finland r... read more

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Switzerland best place in the world for older people to live

Switzerland is the best place in the world for older people to live, closely followed by Norway and Sweden, according to a new report from HelpAge ... years to prepare." The Global AgeWatch Index 2015 ... read more

Weekly Commentary: The Perils Of Inflationism

Surely, there's growing recognition that a decade of monetary stimulus and resulting Bubbles have further redistributed wealth ... expansion in global speculative leverage. Over time, there was an inc... read more

How healthy will we be in 2040?

A new scientific ... new insights into their health status. For example, China, with an average life expectancy of 76.3 years in 2016, ranked 68th among 195 nations. However, if recent health trends c... read more

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

Rather than wanting to make weapons, many global ... d also be exposed to an extremely dangerous isotope, U-232, unless they had a robot to carry out the task. Other nations with active thorium resear... read more

Report on the Impacts of the Renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement

NOTE: Since this report was written, Canada has joined the agreement and missing texts have been finalized. We are currently reviewing the new texts. However, there are still unresolved questions abou... read more

Slavoj Zizek: We Can’t Address the EU Refugee Crisis Without Confronting Global Capitalism

In our global world, commodities circulate freely, but not people: new forms of apartheid are emerging. The topic of porous walls, of the threat of being inundated by foreigners, is strictly immanent ... read more

Is Costa Rica the world’s happiest, greenest country?

That was the conclusion of the New ... Index, which examines how countries protect human health and the ecosystem. Costa Rica, first on the 2016 Happy Planet Index, ranks 42 place on the EPI. Meanwhil... read more

Chevron (CVX) 2018 Security Analyst Meeting Conference (Transcript)

Over the next 25 years, the global population is ... of time with small companies with new and interesting ideas. We make some investments in those companies and learn. So, we’ll continue to evaluate ... read more

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