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Can Stress Really Turn Your Hair Gray?

There are a lot of myths about gray hair. Some swear you can go gray overnight. (You can’t.) Others think plucking a stray gray results in three more in its place. (It doesn’t.) Once the myth train le... read more

Can stress turn your hair grey overnight?

Can hair really turn white overnight ... through which a hallmark of chronic stress causes DNA damage in mice that could lead to conditions like greying hair. The puzzle of whether your hair can turn ... read more

Stress really may turn your hair grey

Follicle find There could be some truth in the anecdotal belief that stress can turn your hair grey. The appearance of grey hairs after periods of stress or skin damage could be the result of depletio... read more

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How to master grey hair and become a silver fox

If you’ve read this far down, you probably know the answer - you can’t really – it’s in your genetic ... Stress cannot make you turn grey. What it can do, however, is trigger a condition called teloge... read more

The truth about stress giving you gray hair

So what exactly makes hair turn gray? And does stress play a role ... You’re Legit Addicted To Food (Or Just Really, Ridiculously Into Eating It) One habit that can cause gray hairs to prematurely spr... read more

Monday’s medical myth: stress can turn hair grey overnight

we insist on referring to these as “grey hairs” for some obscure linguistic reason. Intense stress can cause large numbers of your follicles to hit telogen at around the same time, producing simultane... read more

Stress makes your hair go gray

Those pesky graying hairs that tend to crop up with age really are signs of stress, reveals a new ... of new melanocytes, giving hair its youthful color. Those specialized stem cells are not only lost ... read more

Can Stress Make You Go Grey? (Even If You Are Not Barack Obama)

In other words, parents who complain that their teenagers are turning their hair gray probably can’t blame their new hair color on the 16-year-old. “That’s called aging. That’s father time ... your wi... read more

Just Like People, Dogs Go Grey Under Stress

But when that’s not the case and they do get stressed, their fur can prematurely turn grey ... the way we interact with our environment to experience stress.” Owning a dog is one way to turn your hair ... read more

How Your Hair Health Changes in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & Beyond

As a result, many feel more stress and aren't taking care of themselves, which in turn affects their hair. Hair shafts also become more brittle and prone to breakage in your 40s, Burg says. Many women ... read more

DNA Damage Turns the Hair Gray

In other words, it's not stress caused by the work place that causes your hair to turn gray. But rather genotoxic stress, the kind that can really damage your DNA. Over time, as the acid gets more and ... read more

Does Stress Make You Age Faster?

When a 2011 study showed a mechanism through which stress could cause DNA damage, articles in the the Daily Mail, Yahoo, and elsewhere touted the study as proof that stress can cause visible aging. “S... read more

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