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Can Stress Really Turn Your Hair Gray?

We’ve all seen the Before and After photos of American presidents. All the men who’ve served two terms in recent years have come out of the White House a lot grayer than when they went in. But is stre... read more

Can stress turn your hair grey overnight?

Can hair really turn white overnight ... through which a hallmark of chronic stress causes DNA damage in mice that could lead to conditions like greying hair. The puzzle of whether your hair can turn ... read more

Stress really may turn your hair grey

Follicle find There could be some truth in the anecdotal belief that stress can turn your hair grey. The appearance of grey hairs after periods of stress or skin damage could be the result of depletio... read more

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Inflammation can turn your hair grey

... contribute to hair colour and those involved in immunity and inflammation may explain why hair can turn grey in response to severe illness or chronic stress. The finding, made using mouse models, ... read more

This is what actually causes your hair to go grey - according to a doctor

"Nutritional and hormonal factors can affect hair colour as well as stress but, by and large, the predisposition to go grey earlier or later in life is genetic." "Grey hair is an inherited trait - if ... read more

Does stress really make your hair go gray faster?

But can stress turn hair gray faster, as an old wives' tale would have you believe? Onlookers were shocked when Marie Antoinette showed up for her date with the guillotine with gray hair; it was belie... read more

Why Hair Turns Gray

Unless you dye, your ... genes can help maintain stable numbers of melanin-producing cells. By manipulating the genes, the researchers prevented or reduced gray hair in the mice. But no product based ... read more

Ask the expert: Can stress really make your hair go grey?

What causes hair to go grey ... and can be multi-factorial. Many health-related deficiencies, stress, smoking, medication and crash-dieting can all cause hair loss. It can also be self-inflicted.” Her ... read more

Stress makes your hair go gray

Those pesky graying hairs that tend to crop up with age really are signs of stress, reveals a new ... of new melanocytes, giving hair its youthful color. Those specialized stem cells are not only lost ... read more

Uh, Oh—Are You Causing Premature Gray Hair?

And though everyone will eventually go gray, it doesn’t mean we’re ready for it right now. Which made us wonder: Is there anything you can do to prevent ... that short periods of stress won’t necessar... read more

Just Like People, Dogs Go Grey Under Stress

But when that’s not the case and they do get stressed, their fur can prematurely turn grey ... the way we interact with our environment to experience stress.” Owning a dog is one way to turn your hair ... read more

DNA Damage Turns the Hair Gray

In other words, it's not stress caused by the work place that causes your hair to turn gray. But rather genotoxic stress, the kind that can really damage your DNA. Over time, as the acid gets more and ... read more

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