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Can A Trumpresisting Fla Republican Outrun His Health Care Vote - Latest News

Can a Trump-Resisting Fla. Republican Outrun His Health Care Vote?

Democrats looking to win over the U.S. House of Representatives in November have a keen eye on Florida's 26th Congressional District, where a well-liked Republican who agrees with Democrats on plenty ... read more

Karl Rove optimistic tax reform will get done; Sen. Rubio's message for the Venezuelan people

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, Dana, Fox News has learned that Jeff Sessions will announce this crackdown as early as Friday. Really, a critical move, because President ... read more

A pox on antivaxxers

Yes, this is for real. The idea is to have what’s called a "Chicken pox party", where parents purposefully infect their kids with a disease that can put them at great health risk, because they so stro... read more

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What’s the risk of one party controlling Federal Government?

Some fearless forecasters are predicting Democrats could even wind up with the all-important 60 vote ... can form a coalition with Republicans to make this truly a collaborative effort. I'm dreaming, ... read more

Why George Zimmerman Should Be Acquitted

It is still possible that Zimmerman erroneously believed the shooting was justified—that he feared for his life but not reasonably so, as required for a self-defense claim under Florida law. But inste... read more

Books That Changed My Life--Casting Lures to Bats on Green Evenings

It was reading Mitchell's book, an account of his time in a handcrafted Thoreauvian cottage near ... Green Man' who lives in a cave and feeds himself from what he can hunt and gather; he drops in on e... read more

Ten things you don't know about black holes

Use it with care. 4) Black holes spin! It’s kind of an odd thought, but black holes can spin. Stars rotate, and when the core collapses the rotation speeds way, way up (the usual analogy is that of an ... read more

Gingrich on Trump's attacks on Trump University judge; John Podesta on Clinton's strategies against Sanders, Trump

WALLACE: John Podesta, only on "Fox News Sunday." Then, Trump calls out the media over his donations to veterans ... Trump has been able to consolidate Republicans, including Speaker Ryan, who said he ... read more

Obama Warns Against McCain 'Smear' Tactics

"Senator McCain and his operatives are gambling that he can distract you with smears rather than talk ... as well as remarks Friday from Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The Republican vice presidential nomin... read more

Koch/ALEC Cabal - a Smoking Gun for financial connections and control...

How can ... of his clerks shown in the above chart were also George Mason University Professors and/or Federalist Society members like Steven G. Bradbury (FS member), Michael E. O'Neill (GMU Law Profe... read more

Is Canada the world's next superpower?

Since Iceland's financial collapse in 2008, the country has debated whether it should stick with the krona or adopt the currency of another country. The obvious choice seems to be for Iceland to submi... read more

Obama Jumps on McCain House Comment

The damning McCain quote, which came in an interview with Politico, played neatly into Obama's argument -- his current focus heading into the convention -- that he understand the economy better and th... read more

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