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Building A 6502 In Minecraft

We’ll admit that we haven’t been following Minecraft like we used to; its been a while since we’ve seen something amazing in Minecraft, but [eloraam]’s 6502 emulator (part of her RedPower Minecraft ... read more

This Mod Lets You Re-Create the Commodore 64's Processor in Minecraft

As if building a standalone computer mainframe in Minecraft wasn't impressive enough ... Since the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 both used the 6502 chip, it’s entirely possible that you could also ... read more

YouTuber Seth Bling builds virtual Atari 2600 console using MINECRAFT blocks

Minecraft, the block-building creativity game, has an something called a Command ... A huge space of Minecraft blocksforms the console's virtual memory, based on the 8-bit 6502 processor found in the ... read more

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Feature: Playing God: How Peter Molyneux Hooked Japan With Populous

"During that meeting down the pub, they were all talking about developing games – 6502 Assembly and x86 and all that advanced ... and draws comparisons between his 1989 opus and Minecraft, a title ... read more

Minecraft And Forge: Try This Amazing Way To Visualize Logic

Many casual modders have used Forge to make cosmetic changes only; for instance, giving people’s Minecraft projects a Halloween theme. Forge goes way beyond that, however, by allowing users to ... read more

Minecraft: Minecraft, ayúdenme por favor

Cuando en minecraft cierro los baules se me crashea el minecraft y ... 25,50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/6502, l='MpServer', x=112,53, y=40,69, z=-135,44], EntityZombie['Zombi'/6496, l='MpServer', ... read more

Nintendo’s Game Boy Turns 25 -- A Look Back at the Business of 'Withered Technology'

Although the original NES had less horsepower than Sega's Master System, it sold six times as many units. Its successor, the Super NES, had a much slower processor than the older Genesis but boasted a ... read more

The Golden Age of Basic

Even though most home computers were built around one of two CPUs (either a Zilog Z80 or a MOS Technology 6502) and all ran Basic ... place in popular culture it held in the 1980s. The Golden Age of ... read more

Tim Cook Talks Privacy, Steve Jobs, and the 'Difference Between Preparation and Readiness' in Stanford Commencement Address

You don’t have to start from scratch to build something monumental. And, conversely, the best founders – the ones whose creations last and whose reputations grow rather than shrink with passing time – ... read more

Feature: As Team17 Launches Its 100th Game, We Look Back On Its First Nintendo Outing

However, the Game Boy just did not have the ability, so we had to design and build a set of 8x8 pixel blocks that could ... so the SNES was my first foray in 6502/65816, and I’ve got to say I really ... read more

Apple Watch Series 3 Facing LTE Setbacks in China, Likely Due to Government 'Security Concerns'

The cellular capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 3 remain unavailable to new carrier plan subscribers in China, after having been "abruptly cut off...without explanation" just one week after the ... read more

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