Joe Hawke brought thousands together for decolonisation – they returned for his tangi

Joe Hawke was a protester, a politician, and many other things. But across the kōrero and memories shared this week, it became clear he was a man who could bring people together. read more

World's first FARMERS originated from the mixing of two groups of hunter-gatherers brought together by dramatic climate change 12,900 years ago

The genetic origins of the first farmers were more 'nuanced' than previously thought, report scientists at the University of Bern, Germany. read more

Experts brought together by the Exporters' Club and AON say supply chain disruption risk will take months to resolve

Experts brought together by the Exporters and Investors Club and AON have said that the risks associated with global supply chains will take months to dissipate and have advised companies to ... read more

“As a business it brought us together”: the benefits of RED January for your workplace.

We’re on a journey around the UK, to meet some of the teams who’ve taken part in RED January and hear about their plans for the future. Having recently visited the team in London’s Brent Cross Town, ... read more

A Twitch Stream Brought Us Together (TodoDeku)

Deku sighed and thanked his fans for the support before ending the stream with his usual outro. After ending the stream, Deku removed his headphones and rubbed his temple with his hands. “Why can’t ... read more

Edinburgh Festival: Art forms will be brought together like never before for this year's revival – Brian Ferguson

With Edinburgh’s festivals juggernaut gathering a head of steam, there is plenty of intrigue building over what lies in store for the city, its major events and all those with a stake in them. read more

BTS Brought These Korean American Families Closer Together

The band that changed K-pop” has been bringing these family members together since they burst onto the scene in 2013. read more

Etowah County robotics teams come together to compete in World Championships

The programs at Duck Springs Elementary School, Ivalee Elementary School and Etowah Middle School made their way to Dallas last week to compete. read more

‘Loss to Chinese Taipei brought the team together’: Thomas Cup champion MR Arjun MR

Arjun’s personal road to victory was no bed of roses either. He tested positive for Covid-19, with all possible symptoms, a week before the selection trials for the championship. read more

Together and at peace – family ashes are buried at Wick in reunion spanning 77 years

Family ashes have been buried together in a poignant ceremony at Wick cemetery – bringing a sense of closure to a story that began in World War II. read more

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