British Airways pilot who posed with stars including Timothy Dalton, Helen McCrory and David Harewood reveals killjoy bosses have ordered staff to stop posting photos from the ...

A British Airways pilot has taken to social media to claim he has been banned from sharing pictures of his job online by a new policy - which the airline denies, saying it has only given 'clarity'. read more

British Airways bans pilots and cabin crew from posting cockpit selfies

UK flag carrier tells workforce it is forbidden to use Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook while on the job ... read more

British Airways denies ‘banning’ pilots and crew from doing social media posts at work

British Airways denies ‘banning’ pilots and crew from doing social media posts at work - Airline claims it has merely reminded employees of existing safety and security rules ... read more

British Airways clears up social media rules for pilots and cabin crew

British Airways clears up its new social media rules for pilots and cabin crew while on duty after sparking outrage online. read more

British Airways Cabin Crew and Pilots Fear Being Banned From Posting Photos of Themselves in Uniform On Social Media Platforms

British Airways has introduced new social media guidelines that pilots, cabin crew and other employees fear effectively bar them from posting photos of themselves while in uniform on popular social ... read more

British Airways Bans Social Media When ‘Flying the Aircraft’

Commercial pilots and cabin crew have amassed armies of loyal followers on social media by giving insights into their high-flying jobs, but one airline would like their workers to be a little more ... read more

British Airways Faces Backlash Over New Employee Social Media Policy

British Airways has refreshed the social media policy that regulates ... An article by BALPA notes that, for example, a pair of easyJet pilots got into hot water several years ago due to using ... read more

British Airways pilot reveals the sign that will tell you the plane’s about to be hit by really bad turbulence

A BA pilot has revealed how passengers can tell if turbulence is going to be bad during a flight. Dave Wallsworth, who goes by Captain Dave on Twitter, has worked for British Airways for more than ... read more

British Airways stewardess is arrested after captain called police suspecting she was drunk and under influence of Class A drugs on flight from Gran Canaria to Gatwick

Officers from Sussex Police boarded the British Airways flight from Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands when it landed at Gatwick Airport on Thursday afternoon. read more

British Airways flight attendant ‘drunk on flight’ arrested at Gatwick - report

A British Airways flight attendant has reportedly been arrested after a pilot suspected her of being drunk during her duties at 30,000 feet. read more

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