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Breastimplantrelated Complications Including Cancer Kept Secret Thanks To Broken Reporting System - Latest News

Middle-aged? Put down the meat

Past studies have linked IGF-1 to age-related diseases, including cancer. Mice and humans with higher levels of IGF-1 often have a higher risk of developing these diseases. Scientists believe protein ... read more

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

Other nations with active thorium research programs include the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Israel. There are some drawbacks to thorium fuel cycles, but they are highly technical. For ... read more

Waynesboro native Jessie Dickey is gracing Broadway

a brilliant and seemingly unemotional poetry professor enduring extremely aggressive chemotherapy treatment for metastatic Stage IV ovarian cancer. “As Vivian undergoes treatment at the hands of imper... read more

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NHS to Smoker With Fractured Ankle: Walk It Off

"Doctors at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro have refused to operate," reports the Daily Mail, "because they say his heavy smoking would reduce the chance of healing, and there is a risk of compli... read more

Tick allergy

Mammalian meat allergy is on the rise in Australia and the surprising cause - a tick bite. Dr Jonica Newby meets Dr Sheryl van Nunen, the clinician who discovered the link. She found that if the tick ... read more

“Dumbest Thing Ever”: Scribbling in the Margins of Dan Brown’s Inferno

Usually we agreed, but occasionally we disagreed. Here are some of the highlights. WARNING: There are probably Dan Brown spoilers here, but come on, seriously. Very early in Inferno, I realized that D... read more

Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets: Plague, MRSA, Meningitis…

Anyone who’s watched a cat engage in a strenuous butt-licking session only to come over and start in on cleaning up your hand has probably wondered how healthy this can possibly be. Maryn McKenna over ... read more

A tale of two unnecessarily doomed aboriginal girls with leukemia

I’m depressed and angry as I write this. The reason for this is simple. I hate it when cancer quacks claim the lives of patients with cancer, particularly patients who were eminently treatable for cur... read more

Shoestring Living: Be grateful every day

Back in the land where we didn’t have kids that participated in unimaginably expensive sports or wished for gifts like iPod Touches, my husband and I actually purchased gifts for each other. I am a go... read more

War Fever

Thanks to Russia-gate, unsubstantiated reports about the use of poison gas in Syria, and a slew of similar factoids and pseudo-scandals, the world may soon find out. In saner times, including during . ... read more

Penn & Teller deconstruct the anti-vaccine movement, not to mention an old friend of the blog, Dr. Jay Gordon

Thanks to Autism News Beat, I've found the Penn & Teller: Bullshit! episode Vaccination in a streaming form. I have two warnings. First, if you're not familiar with Penn & Teller, you should be prepar... read more

Why I Am a Pro-Life Libertarian

More to the point, it's flatly incorrect to suggest that opposition to legal abortion is irreconcilable with the belief system that places a person ... Pflock made the pro-life libertarian case as fol... read more

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