The #1 Best Diet To Lower Breast Cancer Risk, New Study Suggests

When it comes to the best eating habit to lower your risk of cancer, opting for a diet that doesn't rely on meat might be the way you want to go. However, it turns out that there's a specific kind of ... read more

Drug combination could be less invasive treatment for breast cancer, study finds

SINGAPORE - When Madam Lim Hay Eng experienced a relapse of her breast cancer in 2017, she was concerned about the side effects of any treatments for her condition. She was first diagnosed with stage ... read more

Breast Cancer Spreads More Aggressively at Night, Startling New Study Finds

When people with metastatic breast cancer close their eyes at night, their cancer awakes and starts to spread. That's the striking finding from a paper published in Nature this week that overturns the ... read more

Tumour awakens when you snooze? Study says breast cancer spreads when one sleeps

The findings of the research were published in the journal 'Nature'. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Each year, around 2.3 ... read more

Breast cancer spreads during sleep, suggests research

Zurich: According to a recent study by scientists at ETH Zurich, the University Hospital Basel, and the University of Basel, circulating cancer cells that ... read more

Breast Cancer and Me: How I’m Getting Through Diagnosis and Waiting for Surgery

So here I am, on the cusp of summer, with a scheduled surgery date in mid-July that is (checks calendar for the hundredth time) six weeks from now as I write. In that time, I have a couple of medical ... read more

I was told to wear a black bra to cure my breast cancer – these kinds of suggestions are dangerous

Someone else in the community told me that their mum had ovarian cancer and she didn’t get treatment, she just prayed and it went away. read more

Breast cancer find negates radiation

Roughly a quarter of all women with breast cancer detected via a screening mammogram may be able to avoid having radiation therapy in the future in what would be a revolutionary change in treatment of ... read more

JNCCN: Mismatch in Breast Cancer Trial Results and Real-World Outcomes Based on Treatment Discontinuation

New population study on adjuvant hormone therapy for breast cancer finds correlation between hot flashes and poorer outcomes—in contrast to clinical trial results; likely due to patients ... read more

JCHC expands breast cancer surgery services

Jefferson County Health Center (JCHC) has partnered with Endomag to bring innovative breast cancer technologies to Southeast Iowa, helping to ... read more

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