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Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo

For their 27th wedding anniversary, the Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston gave his wife, Robin, a gift that promises “to give you the best poop of your life, guaranteed”. The Squatty Potty is a wildly ... read more

5 poo mistakes you're making (and the warning signs to watch for)

You might think that you've got pooing nailed. You've been doing it the same way all your life - sitting on the ... help people have more comfortable and effective bowel movements.” 4. You don't poo ... read more

These Are the Best Diets for Your Poop, According to Nutritionists

Basically, what you put in has a direct effect on what you push out ... t see much of a change in their poop, Upton says. However, some people do say they go less frequently. “That’s not a problem. As ... read more

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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Poop (But Didn't Want to Ask)

How many bowel movements a day is considered normal? And the truth is, we should talk about our bowel movements more. They’re a necessary part of the digestive process. It’s how your body gets rid of ... read more

This Is What Straining to Poop Actually Does to Your Butt

The truth is that straining to poop (especially if you do so consistently) can have a couple of different results. Luckily, none of them are too worrisome, but they can be clues that you might want to ... read more

What Does the Shape and Color of My Poop Mean?

If you have a concern, you should always play it safe and consult your doctor or another medical professional—something none of us at Lifehacker are, by the way ... change probably won't mean much, ... read more

Living with MS: Everything You Need to Know About Poop

When you’re living with multiple sclerosis, no topic is off-limits. In fact, constipation and bowel movements are front and center ... did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to poop? A big ... read more

How Often Should You Poop?

How you feel when it happens-whether that's twice a day or once every two days. "If you have a pleasant experience-for a lack of a better way to say ... contribute to a change in your pooping schedule ... read more

This is why you go to the loo more on your period

During your period, you may notice that your bowel movements change over the first few days, causing you to poo more – or even have diarrhoea ... This contraction is an attempt to push out the lining ... read more

Is it normal to poop right after I eat?

Let's talk about poop—seriously. It's something we've talked about before, so chances are, you already know what healthy bowel movements are supposed to look like. But what about the way you go No ... ... read more

What Your Poop Is Telling You

While it’s not the most pleasant topic, there really is no easier way to discover what’s happening inside your body than seeing what comes out of it. One of the biggest misconceptions about our bowel ... read more

Here’s why coffee makes you poop

Scientists have observed -- by way of some very invasive studies -- that coffee of any sort can stimulate the distal colon, which helps push waste out of the body ... which would speed up bowel ... read more

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