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Bottled water not safe; plastic harms environment

“Bottled water remains a safe, healthy option.” I was shocked at this opinion in Saturday’s newspaper because everything I have read or heard for some 10-plus years, states the opposite. The impact of ... read more

Plastic in drinking water: what are the risks to human health?

It certainly is possible that many samples of drinking water could contain plastic given how common the material is and how commonly it enters the environment as litter ... than water and so they ... read more

WHO to undertake review on dangers of plastic in drinking water

The World Health Organization (WHO) will launch a review relating to the potential dangers of plastic in drinking water ... there's just not the research there to tell us," the WHO's Bruce Gordon told ... read more

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What will it take to kick Singapore's growing multimillion-dollar addiction to bottled water?

SINGAPORE: The water flowing from Singapore's taps is perfectly safe to drink ... And this has an impact on the environment, given that most bottled water is sold in single-used plastic containers, ... read more

Why Tap Water is Better Than Bottled Water

Bottled water is a drain on the environment ... the plastic is porous you'll likely get a swill of harmful bacteria with each gulp if you reuse the bottles. More than 80 percent of recyclable plastic ... read more

Left your bottled water in a hot car? Drink it with caution, some experts say

If you’ve ever left a plastic water bottle in a hot car or another very warm environment for a while ... “I don’t want to mislead people, saying bottled water is not safe. Bottled water is fine. You ... read more

Does your bottled water contain plastic?

More than 90 percent of some of the most popular bottled water ... not recycled, Lovera added. Orb's findings are "pretty disturbing," said Lovera, who noted the world is still "playing catch-up" in ... read more

Plastic in bottled water: no cause for panic, microplastics will not kill you

There have been studies in the past on the harm ... environment meant plastic fibres "may be found at minute levels even in highly treated products". A Gerolsteiner spokesperson said the company, too, ... read more

If we care about plastic waste, why won’t we stop drinking bottled water?

“It’s very surprising to me,” says Sam Chetan-Walsh, a political adviser at Greenpeace and campaigner against ocean plastic. “Public awareness has never been higher, but the message is not ... bottled ... read more

Plastic particles found in bottled water

Tests on major brands of bottled water have ... small pieces of plastic (microplastics) can cause harm, but understanding the potential implications is an active area of science. Commenting on the ... read more

Bottled water in UAE 'is safe to drink'

This ensures that the packaging is safe ... harmful impacts of overused five-gallon water bottles, Gulf News has learnt. The smart system will make sure the five-gallon water bottles do not cross the ... read more

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