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Bonds Minus Duration: A Train Wreck In The Making?

A bond allocation is like a railroad. Credit is the locomotive that generates high returns, duration the track that keeps the train in line. Take the track away and you risk running your portfolio int... read more

Another Eurozone train wreck in the making

The yield differential — or spread — between Italian and German bonds has widened sharply ... we fear that an exit could become more likely over time. Italy is like a train whose engine has derailed; ... read more

Butler: Focus on the goal and the investments will fall into place

Annie Duke, a former poker player, author of “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter ... a 50/50 mix of stocks and bonds, the average gain will be about 7.5 percent, ranging between 17.5 and a minus 2.5 per... read more

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Train derailment affecting traffic in Marana

Morning commuters in Marana are encountering traffic congestion because of work related to Tuesday's train derailment and drivers ... Coroner identifies 11-year-old girl killed in downtown crash; driv... read more

California's high-speed train wreck

California's much-vaunted high-speed rail project is, to put it bluntly, a train wreck ... be slight, making it impossible to operate the train without taxpayer subsidies. Yet under the terms of Propo... read more

How the Ralston Arena became a financial 'train wreck,' and dragged the city with it

As the Ralston Arena’s finances faltered, Mayor Don Groesser came to Omaha with ... parking fee and making budget cuts elsewhere in city government. Groesser said they are necessary steps to pay for n... read more

Municipal Bond Market Troubles - What You Might Like To Know

Of course, there has been fluctuation in the spread through time ... "train wreck" of "black swan" event in this market is actually in the making. That is the conjecture implied in the statements abou... read more

The Creeping Progressiveness of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

While Mac may be the butt of many a gay joke, he’s always the one making them, and the real joke is on the society ... Following a freak electric blanket accident, the gang is transported into the bod... read more

Mohrsville horse trainer gives orphaned foal a lease on life

Tumors that grew rapidly had most likely pressed down on the birth canal, leaving it misshapen and making ... accident in 2004, she'd been unable to ride for a nearly a decade. When given the all-clea... read more

This Bond Bull Market Still Has Legs

The nominal rate on a 4% bond is 4%; what you see is what you get. The real rate is the nominal rate minus inflation ... Stocks would crash in the face of those much higher rates. This is what happene... read more

17 True and Fictional Stories About the Dawn of Space Exploration

And as idealistic as NASA was, it still enforced rigid racial and gender lines, refusing to allow qualified women to train as ... to slip the bonds of Earth, and put the U.S. on par with the Soviet Un... read more

The story of the Omaha man nearly killed by a fake bomb who became the world's biggest movie star

he started a lucrative business selling popcorn at nearby train stations. D'Agostino Lloyd told me that “back in Pawnee City, Harold used to climb up to the top of an old church, and some of his frien... read more

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